Could We Be In A 'Deja Vu Generation'?

'The humble HD remake was once considered an honour reserved for only the very best of franchises; it was a declaration of timeless substance and unyielding quality. Publishers recognised the excellence of past titles and dedicated themselves to rereleasing select masterpieces of yesteryear in their ultimate form. Unfortunately the last 2 years have seen this once commendable concept commercially manipulated from a celebration of the past into a detrimental almost dominating epidemic.'

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Neonridr1062d ago

yep, far too disturbing of a trend. It's like developers have no new ideas so they figure they would just remake their old library, slap HD polish on it, sell it for full price and call it a day.

I mean it's genius when you think about it. Minimal work in some cases, but yet full price profits all over again. We are the suckers because we purchase them.

Concertoine1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Even just in terms of software evolution it is lacking. I said this in my blog but PS2 had Silent Hill 2, Devil May Cry, FF X, MGS 2, GTA III within this time frame. Which were all revolutionary games. Some represented the foundation of entirely new genres, innovation on narrative construction and gameplay mechanics.

I just dont see anything on ps4 that cant be done with lesser graphics on ps3. Maybe No man's sky will be the "wow" game.

Hellsvacancy1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

What's VR if not revolutionary, it's got REALLY big potential, I didn't see the potential until I read Ready Player One, VR could be huge if done right

Concertoine1062d ago


I'm just not sure how many people will be willing to pay 200 bucks for a peripheral with limited support. We'll see how far VR goes and see when it comes out before we call it anything.

Hellsvacancy1062d ago

People will pay for anything if it's good, hell people pay for things even if its a piece of junk and overpriced, Kinect sold it just didn't have much support

bouzebbal1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Knack, Shadow Fall, Bloodborne, LBP3, Second Son, Forza 5,6, Titanfall, Witcher 3, The Order, Driveclub...
I dont know you but i never played these games on previous gen. Keep hating..
it's just exactly as last gen, we got plenty of PS2 remasters and the thing is that i bought all of them (among the 1st party games).
If a remaster is worth it i buy it, and i'm glad they keep making them. type 0 is a very good game i would have missed if they didn't remaster it.
no one is forcing them down your throat

DARK WITNESS1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

@ abzdiine

seems you don't really get what he is saying.

all those games you just mentioned, take the graphical edge off them and what is left that really could not be done on last gen?

I mean Bloodborne, yes it's an amazing game but it's still a re-skinned dark souls with a little tweek to the combat. I mean right down the menu and some of the character animations, there is nothing next gen about it in that sense.

Titanfall, really it's a cross gen game, have you forgotten that it's also available on the 360. Again there is not that much setting it apart from it's 360 younger brother.

The witcher 3 is the only game that could truly define what this gen is about and not just a reskinned version of Whitcher 2, but that remains to be seen. Drive club, hmmm ever play Project Gotham, again take the graphics aside, what's new?

ps2 remasters are one thing as most of those games were not in HD at all. Most of those remasters were of games that could easily be considered Classics and the very best of their respected genres...

What we have with remasters now is just any and every other game, some that were just average at best getting the old remaster treatment when it's really not needed. On top of that they are charging full price for them as well..

I guess if you think the remaster is worth it, there isn't anything else to be said as that is the value you have placed on it and nobody can tell you how much you should value something. however for many of us we don't see the value, rather we see resources that are being wasted.

1061d ago
Concertoine1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )


Ori is an indie game that is a homage to the classic metroidvania games. When you can compare the progression of 200 man studios with massive budgets to the progression of a small studio purposely making an old-school game, you know there's an issue.

Just like you say, more is better. So when LESS games are released as complete products and rely on DLC to make their money, is that not an issue? When LESS games push boundaries and revolutionize genres, is that not an issue? If you want more, defending stagnant, incomplete multimillion dollar productions by comparing them to an indie developer's old-school homage is not the way to go. Im not saying every game needs to be revolutionary, Bloodborne is nothing revolutionary but i'd still give it a 10/10. But the fact that we're 18 months into the 8th gen without one is just sad.

Edit: In the 6th gen we had massive worlds like Jak and Daxter's or Metroid Prime's with no loading screens and 60fps. Now we have linear games with tons of loading screens running at >30 fps. This industry has conditioned people to get hyped on visuals and not ideas or mechanics. That's why they fake demos, that's why games run in bad resolution and framerate, and that's why the 8th gen is disappointing. It could've fixed all this, but so far it's only gotten worse because people are so determined to defend their companies and games, that they won't demand more...


@ Concertoine

Thank you and well said!

@ Cobra951

could have said a lot but Concertoine summed it all up well.

More is better maybe in your book but I don't see how rehashed games that were only out a year or two back is really more.

Yes I like graphics as much as the next junkie but I feel I would be setting my standards way too low if all a dev had to do was brush up a game in 1080p and 60fps that was already in HD last gen. sorry it takes a little bit more to get me hyped these days.

You can tell me that all these remakes don't have any impact on new games, well I will believe that when dev's start pushing out games that actually do the ps4 and xb1 justice. As stated above and the point of my original post. all those games bar the witcher 3, could just as easily be on the old systems.

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tsmith1451062d ago

I personally like the remastered games, GTA and The Last of Us have been the best games i have currently played on my ps4.

Neonridr1062d ago

there is definitely a good supporting case for some games to be remastered. I own both of those games as well and love them, for me though it was my first time experiencing both games.

Great games for sure, but not necessarily ones that *needed* to be remastered since they were released so recently.

Concertoine1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I agree, but to me its more of a testament to how lacking the 8th gen library is than how fun it is to pay 60 dollars in 2014 for the games you payed 60 dollars for in 2013.

hkgamer1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

i wont call gtaV a remaster since it doesnt say it on the box. they have been treating it as a port with etra features like the old days.

thinking about it, lets not call it a remaster/hd version and call it a port and then i guess no one will have any complaints.

you dont have to buy that game again. no one isforcing anyone.

F0XHOUND1062d ago

No, eventually everything will be remastered worth remastering.... which in itself is funny I guess. But by then, we will have all the big new titles, mass effect, tes, fallout, uncharted and even stuff like gta 6. Just been a slow start I guess.

Mrveryodd1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Only if you are old enough to have played the original, or like me and are that old that i dont remember playing the game the first time, it was out.) did i already say that.

Travis37081062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

People think remasters will last this whole gen. It won't, New games are being mad every day. The PS4 and Xb1 will start kicking out those new current gen games soon. They always start out slow, because lat gen is still here.

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