Who Else Is Worried About Battlefront 3?

As we find out more about the upcoming Battlefront game, I, Alex from AGR, get a little bit more worried with each drop of info.

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lifeisgamesok1006d ago

I wish there was a campaign

Titanfall is a great game but I wish it also had a fleshed out campaign

abradley1006d ago

It not only introduces you to the basics of the game, often showing advanced tactics later on but gives you something to do when the servers go offline.

Most good campaigns can easily add 6-12 hours of decent enjoyable content and replay value is down to the devs.

Just plain ass lazyness!

leogets1005d ago

For me a dice game is all about the multiplayer.. glad to hear their awesome skills are concentrated on just multilayer alone. Games guna be beastly

SegaGamer1005d ago

I'm a little worried about it. So far, i know more about what we won't be getting than what we will be getting.

abradley1005d ago

Yeah and that can't be a good thing.