Nordic Games Working on Anniversary Edition for Legend of Kay, coming Summer 2015

Legend of Kay was an action 3D platformer that was originally released back in 2005. Nordic Games revealed today that it's working on an Anniversary edition that aims to be a “thoroughly remastered version” of the original.

Legend of Kay sees players take the role of a Cat called Kay, who is a real martial arts aficionado and very much adept in frightening foes with his paws and his weaponry. Kind of like Puss from Shrek

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DasTier1098d ago

Will it still have the infamously terrible voice acting?

Chevalier1098d ago

Had this listed in my system for over a month. All I could think was why in the heck is Capcom releasing this?! Why not something like a Onimusha HD collection?

MSBAUSTX1098d ago

Game was fun and it is supposed to be relatively cheap too. But this is pretty old news. Ive known this for a couple months.