Assassin's Creed Victory may feature 'innovative asynchronous gameplay'

Ubisoft is working on implementing "innovative asynchronous gameplay" into the next major Assassin's Creed title, Assassin's Creed Victory, according to the LinkedIn profile of the game's associate producer.

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bixxel1183d ago

Finally! Some spontaneous gameplay moments. Victory should build on the innovations that AC3, Black Flag and Unity introduced. Unity was a coward's title that neever built on the innovations of AC3 (Apart from the crowds and graphics and combat on uneven land).

Der_Kommandant1183d ago

Assassin's Creed? Innovative gameplay? hahahahahahaa

Genuine-User1183d ago

Although Unity was a big mess, I was thoroughly impressed by how good the parkour and free running felt.

WellyUK1183d ago

They better get rid of that clunky pile of sh*te combat that they gave us in Unity... Felt like a chore just fighting people, put it back to the old style or do something that actually works this time. The first AC game I haven't finished because of this.

Elit3Nick1183d ago

Not the old style, combat should feel completely different depending on how many people you're engaging at once. Two or three people should be easily manageable but more will progressively get harder until you're forced to use means to split up a group. The combat in the first four games, (haven't played Unity) was so easy that it ended up ruining Black Flag for me.

WellyUK1183d ago

Unity's is just terrible even compared to older games, clunky un-fun mess. Would rather have the old style than what they did with Unity. But i agree it should be harder vs bigger groups.

StarLord_Who1183d ago

Yeah being a mster Assassin in number 3 taking out 50 guards at once on a rooftop was believable. I emphasise the term MASTER ASSASSIN for that but most of all, it was just bloody fun. Fun is hard to find in games nowadays.

Maxor1183d ago

How about some highly innovative slowing the F-down? The AC games are too complex for this yearly refresh insanity.

GarrusVakarian1183d ago

"The AC games are too complex for this yearly refresh insanity."

Lmao. AC is easily one of the easiest, most "accessible" hand-holding franchises in this industry. How anyone could find those games complex is beyond me.

DragonKnight1183d ago

It's very clear Maxor is talking about design, not game difficulty.

skulz71183d ago

What does asynchronous gameplay mean?

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The story is too old to be commented.