GameSpot E3 08: Resistance: Retribution Updated Impressions

GameSpot writes: "With a PS3 sequel and a PSP spin-off in the works, Resistance is fast becoming one of Sony's premier franchises. And although it was only announced yesterday, the PSP version is already looking mightily polished. Its developer is describing Resistance: Retribution as the first 'third-generation' PSP game, as it uses specular lighting, highly detailed character models and seamless streaming of the levels to create what is possibly the best-looking game on the system yet.

The story will fill in some of the gaps between Resistance 1 and 2, but it stars a new character in the form of a British soldier called James Grayson. At the beginning of the game, Grayson finds his brother being 'converted' by the Chimera, and as he finds his sibling lying on the table he is forced to kill him just as he is about to turn. The trauma forces him to swear retribution on the Chimera (hence the title of the game), and he singlehandedly begins to take out the conversion centers that the Chimera are using on the human race."

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