Rockstar Customer Service Instructed to Hang Up on Customers

GamersNexus: "Our most recent investigative consumer report set forth a goal to evaluate Rockstar Games' customer service phone and email support. The company has been under fire lately resultant of hacked GTA V social accounts, whereupon users have lost access to their GTA accounts – and their ability to play the game – and have been placed on indefinite hold for a resolution. In the case of one reader who reached-out to us, we were informed that Rockstar customer support 'hung up' on the reader, an action that we viewed as inexcusable if true."

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spacedelete1182d ago

you can't trust any game company nowadays even Rockstar who i'd thought would treat customers much better considering they are the ones who made GTAV sell 45 million copies but i guess i was wrong. i've emailed Rockstar as well and they literally just send you automated replies over and over again. i had a problem with a game and they replied thanks for the suggestion about four times. just because of that i'll wait until GTA 6 is heavily discounted before i buy it.with so many lying game companies i wonder why i game anymore. i don't want to give them any of my money.

SegaGamer1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

All of the games i buy these days are used. With the way we get treated by games companies these days i don't think they deserve my money. All they care about these days is finding new ways to make money off us.

KryptoniteTail1182d ago

Companies are soulless and evil greed machines. Never feel like they're your friend, they just want your cash so you should expect nothing but a game from them. These days they don't even feel compelled to do that right, with Day 1 DLC, patches for knowingly broken games released anyway, and rehashes galore, this industry is in need of another crash and soon.

Perjoss1182d ago

depends on the size of the company and who's in charge.

crusf1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Don't think another crash is going to happen anytime soon. The industry is too well established now and so many people play video games the chances of another one happening are slim.
Btw we didn't have patches back in the SNES and N64 era buddy you don't see me complaining . We had some really broken games back in the day. You have it good.

KryptoniteTail1182d ago

Back in the SNES days there were no patches like you said, so most games had to be released working. Now they ship a pile of code that looks like an amateurish project and its patched together like a sinking boat. Screw that.

ps360s1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )


Apple and Amazon are the two companies with very good customer services (my experiences with them)

T-mobile hangs up on their customers too within my experience with them

1182d ago
Takwin1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

@cobra951 - So you refused to pay for the fast shipping and are mad you didn't get what you paid for.
That's so totally unfair. /s

It sounds like sound business practice. As a Prime member for over 5 years, Amazon is my single favorite company on the planet and without question has THE best return policy.

spence524901182d ago

I saw a screen shot on reddit of a guy getting offered a free R* t-shirt when he wrote them to say his social club account was deleted without his doing. Seems like standard customer service procedure to Me sadly.

lelo2play1182d ago

Rockstar are too big for their own good. If their games had crap sales, maybe then they would start caring about their customers.
Rockstar should remember something. Everything that goes up, eventually comes down...

Obz1182d ago

As I always say. I love their games but I hate Rockstar.

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