Destiny's Reef hub is identical to the space shown in a trailer for the main game back in Feb 2013

Tom Phillips by Eurogamer:
So, Destiny's Reef hub is identical to the space shown in a trailer for the main game back in Feb 2013

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Septic908d ago

Yup. There it is. Proof of how royally we got screwed over.

DarkOcelet908d ago

I expected some DLC BS from Activision but for Bungie to go along with it is just saddening. My respect for Bungie really went down the sink.

**** YOU Bungie/Activision

TheRedButterfly908d ago

Damning is being generous.

You've got to have some serious balls to show your final DLC as one of the first pieces of gameplay footage.

UKmilitia908d ago

been saying since day one half the content held back and sold on later instead of make the game and then additional stuff.

my respect for bungie has gone due to this and activision,well its whats we expect from them isnt it.

destiny could of been huge and one of the best games made imo but they killed it with half assed lore(seperate from game)and cutting a huge chunk of the game on release.
that was probably alreayd on disc.

iTechHeads908d ago

Yup. There it is. Proof that things change. Content gets removed/cut by the time the game releases. Deadlines aren't met. This is the way game development works.

Would you have preferred a 1-year delay?

Septic908d ago

For a fully fledged package? Hell to the yeah!

Toon_Link908d ago

Would you rather pay an extra 40 bucks to get half the game now?

corroios908d ago

More proof that both DLC were part of the game and that were taken from the last build.

With the content they cut this game could be much better, but we all know who is behind this.

esemce908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

I knew this was the case from day one, that's why I sold destiny after a week. Bungie sold their souls to Activision, their Halo glory days will never return.

WellyUK908d ago

yeah it was pretty obvious from launch day they had taken chunks out. People still play it though some how which is beyond me as i got bored within a few days due to terrible story and mission design...

To me Bungie were never that good as I never really thought Halo was anything special and Destiny is the same for me nothing special.

Halo2ODST2908d ago

@wellyuk, I would've agreed with you but you had to add that bit about halo at the end. :(

n4rc908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

nope.. more proof you assumed something you saw in a video almost 2 years before release was part of the main game when they said no such thing. it might as well have been a concept piece... you arent being sold a trailer at that point, its simply a teaser showing the tone of the game etc.

taken out? you mean never included dont you?

just because you didnt get something doesnt mean it was cut.. it was never included and was always planned as DLC (imo anyways)

DLC is planned along side the game... why is this shocking to anyone? im honestly confused lol

Hoffmann908d ago

Makes me wonder how often the DLC is actually developed together with a main game but later marketed as extra stuff and sometimes cut from it because the extra money.

Qrphe908d ago

Probably more often than we'd wish to believe.

D3TH_D33LR908d ago

Kinda like Star Wars Battlefront Space Battles included in your $60 premium. Just you wait.

Tru_Blu908d ago

And I feel like even more a fool for buying the $90 digital version .

shammgod908d ago

same here man...never again

bananaboats908d ago

I don't. I've gotten over 800 hrs into the game. I got more than my money's worth from this game

Ninver908d ago

One simple cannot get their moneys worth out of a plastic disk. You've already parted ways with the bill. You ain't seeing it again lol.

OT: this is why I don't preorder, don't buy season pass etc. Hell a dev will be lucky if I buy the game first day unless it's exclusive, and one that I can trust.

Halo2ODST2908d ago

Time put in =/= not equal value,

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