Does the Star Wars Battlefront trailer accurately depict the game's graphical quality?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Will Star Wars Battlefront look that good on current-gen consoles and does the trailer accurately depict the graphical quality we can expect at release?

Here is why we think that the game might be able live up to the expectations set by the trailer."

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HanCilliers913d ago

I really hope so, and that it's not a repeat of previous games that showed one thing and delivered another.

Sillicur913d ago

Indeed, the developers seem confident that it will look the way it does in the trailer, but I could think of only one way that could be possible on the PS4 :)

Mr Pumblechook913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Obviously those of us with our heads screwed on know that the PS4/XBO versions won't look exactly like the trailer - but how different could the actual game look? Somebody on NeoGaf who saw the PlayStation 4 footage shown in private said it was similar to the in-engine trailer but at a lower resolution and with more jaggies, however it did look fantastic. I will be getting it on console but it makes you then wonder if a powerful PC with 4K would look the same? It would be great!

XBLSkull913d ago

It doesn't. Trailer says "in-engine", fine print at the end says "not actual gameplay"

Game won't look as good as the trailer, but anywhere close and it'll still look fantastic.

Timesplitter14913d ago

The game will not look as good as this, guaranteed. Not on PC and especially not on consoles

BC_Master_Haze913d ago

Agreed. The shadows on the thumbnail will never be that good in game, not with DICE at least

CongoKyle913d ago

Maybe on PC... Consoles can enjoy their 60 FPS ;)

Sillicur913d ago

I think its possible, but the PC version will probably look even better if that is how the console version looks dont you think?

Timesplitter14913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

First of all 60 FPS is more important than graphics

Second of all PC is more likely to be able to reach 60 FPS. That's what PCs are for.

I don't even understand what you're trying to get at

The_Infected913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Well Gamespot said it doesn't look as good as the trailer. The lighting is worse and some other things didn't look as good.

At 1:50 they talk about the gameplay and trailer comparison.

Good news is according to them it looks really good reagardless.

Bad thing is they were trying to find good things about the game it seemed. They seen pre-alpha gameplay so I'm still not to worried. Hopefully at E3 we see a lot more and it's good.

Sillicur913d ago

Yeh I added that in the article. My theory is that they might have played a tuned down version cause that game is probably still unoptimized in the pre-alpha state.

HanCilliers913d ago

"Bad thing is they were trying to find good things about the game it seemed."

If that's the case, then we can't really trust their opinion.

SonZeRo913d ago

I'll be very surprised if it really looks like that on release.

Sillicur913d ago

Honestly, on PC i think it definately will. On consoles, it COULD, photogrammetry is really amazing.

MasterCornholio913d ago

I saw that technique with Ethan Carter and I must admit its very impressive. I wouldn't mind seeing more games use it.

RosweeSon913d ago

Yeah this is EA after all FIFA looks great each and every year and then you get In game and it looks same as last year, hope they don't disappont as looks epic.

Septic913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Well that's the magic question.

I think it is a good representation of what the engine can do. Frostbite 3 is no longer shackled by the constraints of last gen; I know it scales well but last gen constraints would have put a severe limit on what it could do as well as the scope of the game.

This is also 40 players as opposed to 64 and I don't expect it to have a comprehensive destruction model like the Battlefield games. Also, DICE are using some pretty nifty techniques from what I've read.

The cinematic trailer was obviously scripted rather heavily and will benefit from added sheen but I think the final prodouct will look impressive nonetheless.

Battlefield 3 and 4 on PC look absolutely frickin incredible and tbh, make even the 'next-gen' console versions look plain.

But this time, I reckon we have a real stunner in terms on our hands on all platforms.

Sillicur913d ago

Indeed, the lower player count + the use of some amazing techniques could show the full power of the current-gen consoles and the frostbite engine.

Do you think the Xbox One will be able to keep up on with the PS4 or will there be some kind of graphical downgrade on the Xbox One version?

Septic913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

"Do you think the Xbox One will be able to keep up on with the PS4 or will there be some kind of graphical downgrade on the Xbox One version?"

Definitely expect a visual downgrade on the X1. I expect not only a resolution disparity (720p most likely) but also some compromises in visuals and performance. It does look like it will be a technically demanding game and therefore the X1 will suffer the most.

Conjecture on my part of course but its more of an educated guess imo.

HanCilliers913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Defs will be a downgrade, but will still look good.

MasterCornholio913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Well its a multiplatform game so there's a high chance it will be worse on the XB1.

However, the game will still look and play good on that system. I don't see why XB1 owners are worried about it.

Letthewookiewin913d ago

Yes X1 will no doubt be downgraded. You can't help less GPU cores and ROP's. But as they say "It will be just as fun".

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