Mad Max, Avalanche is teasing: "There's something brewing out there"

Mad Max: Avalanche Studios is teasing us: "there's something brewing out there." And this time is more than a screenshot gallery.

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AudioEppa941d ago

When i last saw pictures/videos of this game two years ago it look like butt, i wonder if it got better since then.

TFJWM940d ago

I'm kinda hyped for this game, I hope they don't drop the ball thou.

Crimzon940d ago

Well considering the most graphically impressive games as of late have all been the least fun to play, I couldn't care less if Mad Max "looks like butt". If Avalanche Studios put out an enjoyable game I'll be happy, they can leave the fancy graphics to lesser developers.

KiwiViper85940d ago

If it didn't there would be something seriously wrong with avalanche...

AudioEppa940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Yes there would be lol but i hope everything turns out looking great!

And to @Crimzon

I disagree and I'll leave it at that lol

Bathyj940d ago

I'll see you on the road Skag.

Hazmat13940d ago

avalanche working on Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.... but won't show much until E3!!! show me more!!!!

Rhythmattic940d ago

Avalanche and Evolution should just get together and do MotorMax.

ab5olut10n940d ago

That is a genuinely fantastic idea.

Crummybear940d ago

Lol they've been teasing the reveal for like 2 years now, just show the damn game already.