Eurogamer: FIFA 09 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Following on from last month's in-depth previews of the next-gen and Wii versions of FIFA 09, we were recently given hands-on time with the latest next-gen and PC code, the latter of which proved to be the surprise package of the afternoon.

As EA has so proudly proclaimed, FIFA 09 is packing 250 new features. Had we brought our abacus, perhaps we could have kept count, but seeing as we didn't, we focused instead on getting a feel for each version and siphoning any extra info we could extract from next-gen FIFA producer David Rutter and FIFA PC associate producer Paul Hossack.

So let's kick off with the PS3 and 360 versions, which bar a few cosmetic differences felt pretty much identical. While lacking the same level of innovation as FIFA 08, these next-gen offerings certainly felt like a confident stride forward for the series, displaying enough polish and refinement to potentially push FIFA 09 over that line of excellence that 08 so marginally failed to cross."

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