BBFC defends Canis Canem Edit rating

Gianni Zamo, senior examiner for the British Board of Film Classification, has defended the decision to award controversial Rockstar title Canis Canem Edit a 15 certificate.

CCE was originally titled Bully, but Rockstar opted to change the name of the game for its European release following criticism by anti-bullying campaigners.

However, the controversy continued to grow, with MP Keith Vaz calling on the Government to step in if the BBFC failed to ban the game from sale.

But the ratings board opted to award CCE a 15 age rating - a decision which it stands by.

"You can understand the concerns of a subject that hits the headlines fairly frequently in this country. Often the truth is far less dramatic than the myth that's put around it," Zamo told

"Certainly Canis Canem Edit is not the monster, demon game that's going to turn our children into horrific and violent individuals."

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MicroGamer4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

the same people who brought us the stupidly violent "State of Emergency" where you run through airports and shopping malls maiming, killing and destroying things??

coolfool4368d ago

That you mentioned that game as your stupidly violent example game and not grand theft auto?