Aaru's Awakening joins the Xbox One games library

Neil writes "It’s a busy old day for new releases in the world of Xbox One and the latest to hit the library is that of Aaru’s Awakening."

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oKidUKo1124d ago

Never even heard of it to be honest, until I read a review or two I think I'll wait till it goes cheaper.

Mikefizzled1124d ago

From Iceland for those wondering.

danowat1124d ago

It's pretty awful, controls are really really weird, and the whole thing just feels odd.

It was free on this months PSN, and I quickly deleted it.

Hoffmann1124d ago

I got it for free this month on ps4 as well. Destructoid gave it a 7, I myself would give it a 5-6 after playing it for around 30 minutes and getting bored.

MasterCornholio1124d ago

I don't really like the game that much to be honest. I enjoyed Tower of Guns a lot more.

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