Eurogamer: Gears of War 2 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "If it's any consolation to Cliff Bleszinski, we're forever picking on developers at E3, so he shouldn't feel bad that our first question is whether he was actually playing Gears of War 2 at Microsoft's conference. For those who missed it, the demo began and Marcus advanced towards a smoke-drowned Jacinto skyline before the video feed stopped and reloaded, giving the impression we were actually watching a recording.

"We went to ghost cam," Bleszinski says. 'What happened was that everything was working fine at rehearsal, and then when I went on stage and did my presentation and went to use my controller it timed out, and then I'm like 'Mother f***er!' So they went to the backup feed where they were playing in the back, and I had to act like I was playing it, even though I wasn't. I'm not going to lie."

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Kleptic3773d ago

did he seriously say this 'isn't as glamorous' as Fable 2?...


Gears 2 looks awesome...Fable 2 looks like a ps2 game at times...what the hell is that guy talking about?...