No demo or photo mode planned for Just Cause 3

There are no current plans to release a demo for Just Cause 3 or include a photo mode, Square Enix has confirmed.

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Adexus1183d ago

I thought photo mode would've been a no brainer for a game like Just Cause 3.

vishmarx1183d ago

this . photo mode is priceless in such games.
but im sure no one expected a demo of an open world game.
also why are they so sure already?
are they throwing mad max under the bus?that game releases alongside mgs v for one, and now SE is already talking way more about just cause 3.
theyre similar games games from the exact same devs , shouldnt they have 12-18 months of gap at least?

i dunno, something is really off about the whole mad max situation. i hope no one pulls a colonial marines here

Adexus1183d ago

He did mention Mad Max too though so I assume they'll be releasing more info about that along with JC3, really looking forward to Mad Max too.

XelaKNight1183d ago

The thing is that they had a demo for Just Cause 2. Demo's have really died out this gen and it is sad to see them go. I feel that a game would sell better if it has a demo at launch instead of "Hey Preorder now and get access to the beta!" though I dont mind that with most games either xD

subtenko1183d ago

Well we have the PS4's share options so it doesn't matter to me. Thanks Sony! JC3 is gonna be epic

psychobabble1183d ago

@subtenko yea, but it would have been nice to freeze the action like in The Last of Us Remastered; move the camera around, change angles and lense types, add filters etc. It would have been especially cool because of the nature of insane stunts people will devise.

I would have loved to see it. Maybe they'll reconsider it for a future update.

XboxDD1183d ago

Especially since the second one had video-clip mode.

Monkeycan81183d ago

Demos really need to come back.

TomShoe1183d ago

Amen. Buying games out of trust is something one should never do.

1183d ago
Travis37081183d ago

Well that sucks! I guess demo's have died.

yess1183d ago

One of the best demos ever made, was actually the JC 2 demo, i had so much fun just playing the massive demo before the actual game came out.

akaFullMetal1183d ago

Photomode needs to be standard on everygame, love that feature. Sony really has pushed this for alot of their games, seems like a no brainer, it is essentially free advertising.

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The story is too old to be commented.