Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition New Gameplay Videos Showcase Lady, Trish

Explosion:" Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, the new version of Devil May Cry 4 launching in around two months on consoles and PC in all regions, has recently received some more gameplay footage."

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OmegaShen945d ago

Importing this game, I want a disc copy and its in english.

jc48573945d ago

Yea, make sure you pick the Asia version just to be on the safe side if Japanese version does not include English "texts."

LegoIsAwesome945d ago

Wait so if you bought the retail copy in Japan, Not only it's a disc copy but it's also in English?

jc48573945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Yes, you can preorder the game at Play-Asia. From the details they have provided, only the Asia version usually tells you that it supports both English and Japanese language and "subtitles" included. The Japanese version does not mention anything about having English subtitles unfortunately. Asia version is also cheaper than Japanese version. They did the same thing for Resident Evil HD Remaster.

I actually like this idea of importing the games since Japanese games are being ignored in the West.

OmegaShen945d ago

Yep, heres the link-

There is the Xbox One, but the link is PS4.

Clogmaster945d ago

*gets laughed out of a bar*

Eiyuuou945d ago

You're in the wrong comment section buddy.

Army_of_Darkness945d ago

I NEED MORE POWER!! LOL! hearing that in a corny echoed voice kills me every time :-P

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NovusTerminus945d ago

Really looking forward to this, after 200 hours in DMC4, adding 3 new characters has me very excited, and I have been wanting Lady playable for a while.

Kind of wish Credo would have been playable too...

OhMyGandhi945d ago

capcom is really going apeshit on the motion blur.