Tony Hawk confirms New Game on Instagram

Remember when Tony Hawk’s catering guy screwed up and accidentally announced a new Tony Hawk game on Instagram? Unsurprisingly, the game’s been officially confirmed by Tony Hawk himself now via Instagram.

The post is a video by skater Rob Wootton, parodying the time-honoured tradition of the games’ character select screen being full of people who are either drunk or on a boat (seriously, why can’t they stand still for five seconds?). In the description Hawk confirmed a new game is happening, and we'll have "details soon."

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AudioEppa1063d ago

Better not suck.

I hope there's a cinematic skateboarding action packed campaign to go with MP

Or just a decent game.. w/e :)

Brotard1063d ago

I hope this means we are also getting another tony hawk underground eventually as well

Thehyph1063d ago

Please let this influence the creation of a new skate game, disbanded studio or not.

JoeDaniel1063d ago

he's saying this is for a new Tony Hawk game, wouldn't that be the skate game?

marlinfan101063d ago

He's talking about the actual skate series, which imo are some of the best skateboarding games ever made

Thehyph1063d ago

Yeah, I was referring to the 'skate' series from EA. The three core games were exclusive to ps3/360 and they were phenomenal. I grew up playing the Tony Hawk games, but as soon as I laid hands on skate for the first time I knew I could never go back.

EA has since disbanded the studio primarily responsible for developing the series. I'm not quite sure why. From what little information I've seen, fact or anecdotal, all three games in the series were financially successful.

xX1NORM1Xx1063d ago

I too would love a skate 3 but I doubt it will happen any time soon and I won't be as good as skate 2 :'(

Ilovetheps41063d ago

I'm pretty sure they did make a Skate 3.

Solid_Penguin-641062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

And if I remember right not a lot of people bought Skate 3 as the free demo let them play with friends. I did give Skate a go but I was quite naff at it, too used to the more arcadey THs (good game though).

It'll be cool if they do MP like in THUG2 where you do kickflips and pop shove it's to fire fireballs forward and back in team deathmatch lol

xX1NORM1Xx1056d ago

LOL soz i ment skate 4 skate 3 was the only one i played too xD

JoeDaniel1063d ago

maybe they keep the characters moving so you know right away if the game is frozen! lol

Ilovetheps41063d ago

I really enjoyed Tony Hawk Underground. If they could make this game similar to that one, I'd probably buy it.

Transistor1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

For those interested in information on the game, not just how they can be negative about it.

a) It's a Pro Skater game, not a spin off.

b) It's only been unofficially revealed for PS4, but is expected to be announced for Xbox One and PC too.

I'm hesitant, but kind of excited at the same time to see what this is all about.

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The story is too old to be commented.