The most powerful Lannister becomes the most powerful Witcher 3 character

MWEB GameZone writes: Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) talks about how video games progressed from children's entertainment to entertainment for "discerning adults." It means a lot when an actor of his stature is not only excited about his role in a video game but also praises its artistic and entertainment value.

We also take a closer look at Emhyr var Emreis, ruler of the most powerful empire in Witcher history

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Sillicur914d ago

Awesome, I love the actor and his voice!

HoldenZA914d ago

I hope Witcher 3 doesn't have crossbows......*zing

Bathyj914d ago

I hope to get to kill him on the privvy.

plut0nash914d ago

I see Charles Dance getting this type of role very often in the future :)

HanCilliers914d ago

He has a magnificent voice, hope we see him after Witcher 3

DesVader914d ago

I think he is a magnificent addition to Witcher!

lord zaid914d ago

You not gonna believe this, but he was in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the villain in Last Action Hero.

Bathyj914d ago

I was just going to say that. I loved him in Last action hero. Such a dry wit.

Gandalf played Death.

Hellsvacancy913d ago

He was one of the very few good things about Alien 3

Bathyj913d ago

I liked Charles Dutton

Hellsvacancy913d ago

Yeah he's a good actor also, I don't hate A3 as much as i'm making out, it just wasn't the Alien film I thought it was going to be

BlackSpartan187913d ago

And Eddie Murphy's Golden Child, he was the villain in that one as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.