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itsjustexuma1005d ago

Now I really want to learn Japanese lol

MasterCornholio1005d ago

Well I'm studying it.


But dang those Kanji!!

bouzebbal1005d ago

Vita owners are spoiled in Japan. Lucky them!!!!
That's a beast line up for both systems..

plmkoh1005d ago

Good luck, pulled my hard yards and now I've finished Yakuza 0.

Local audience is missing out for sure.

miyamoto1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

Who's Bat?

Man whoever is doing the ads for PlayStation in Japan is way cool like the Kevin Batler days. Its so funny.
Way cool, Sony. I like the humorous tone.

3-4-51005d ago

Vita in Japan vs Vita in North America is like Night & Day.

Joel22111005d ago

I live in Sasebo, Japan and every time I walk into their game stores im amazed how many titles they have that aren't out in the states. I picked up Yakuza Ishin and am using the KHH subs to get through it. Its actually a lot of fun!

bunfighterii1005d ago

what's that game that looks like Total War?