Next-gen SingStar at Leipzig - Reeves reacts to Lips announcement

Sony Europe boss David Reeves has told Eurogamer to expect "the next generation of SingStar" at Games Convention.

We were speaking to Reeves at an event in Santa Monica today and asked for his views on Microsoft's new karaoke game Lips.

"If you come to Leipzig, you will see the next generation of SingStar," he told us. "That's all I will say."

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peedie163775d ago


that was the funniest comment I've read in a long time bubble to you

shine13963775d ago

I think now that lips is almost here, sony have to really push the boat where they can take it, i.e. disk space...just including a huge amount of the backlouge on one bluray would be pretty cool.

Cinos1233775d ago

I think they just need to make Singstar as relevant here in North America like it is over in Europe. Advertising out the ying yang.

Raoh3775d ago


thats what i needed to start my day.

i'm actually going to look up Singstar today. my girlfriend is not a gamer in any sense of the word. but she loves high def movies and she sings all the time. i mean all the time and knows all the songs from almost all genre's and eras.

so i'm going to pick up singstar for ps2 and ps3 for her. just have to figure out the microphone issues between ps3 and ps2.

BulletToothtony3772d ago

they're both usb and they're 100% compatible ;)

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