Eurogamer: Resistance 2 Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Insomniac boss Ted Price has a new favourite word, and that word is "scale". He used it several times during the Resistance 2 demo at Sony's E3 conference, and he's using it again now as he shows off more of the game behind closed doors.

Resistance 2, Price explains, again, is all about scale. There's the scale of the environments - no more poking around parochial old Manchester, now you get to explore the sprawling metropolis of Chicago and go Chimera-hunting in rural Idaho. The scale of enemies has increased, as demonstrated by the giant leviathan shown off in the press conference demo. There are more of them too. But it's not unusal for a sequel to feature larger levels, extra enemies and bigger bosses. The most impressive increase in scale is the multiplayer modes."

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