The Five Worst Looking Zelda Games

The Legend of Zelda games have been praised forever, and to be honest, APV can understand why. However, for the most part, Zelda games aren't the best looking, from both a graphical and artistic standpoint. Here are the five ugliest Legend of Zelda games.

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gangsta_red964d ago

Don't know whether this is sarcasm or trolling.

Summons75963d ago

Windwaker is the worst on this list, I would say Trolling by a landslide. I think the only 2 on the list that actually qualify are Zelda 2 and Phantom Hourglass. OOT and MM didn't look bad for their time and the 3D remaster made them better visually and even today the originals aged pretty well, their not Battlefront beautiful but they certainly didn't hit a wall like other older games.

AlokTheDemon964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

Worst looking? Are you high or something ?

sealava964d ago

almost every one of those games was considered the best looking game of it's time.

BinaryMind964d ago

Nice misleading thumbnail you got there.

Burrito26a963d ago

It's from the Super Mario Bros Show.

Nyxus964d ago

I hope this is satire.

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The story is too old to be commented.