Flawed Masterpieces: Dark Souls

Flawed Masterpieces is a series designed to look at the weaknesses of gaming’s greatest titles, and remind us all that the past was not perfect. We start with Dark Souls.

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joab7771004d ago

I agree with many of these. There's always been an issue with difficulty remaining high b/c they have no idea how level you will be at a certain time. And you can't force ppl into it.

There are other imaginitive ways to get around this, by halfing hp for example.

I don't have a problem with the difficulty of magic b/c it should be a difficult thing to apprehend, only b/c it is a bot overpowered...and the satisfaction of figuring it out is awesome.

As far as upgrades, these games are niche b/c they demand time and failure, including leveling the wrong weapon and being stick with it the problem today is that no one has the patience for it. Ppl are gonna give up. It's great for those who want to min/max, bit bad for sales.

It's a rough line to walk, and I think From did a great job w BB. Yeah, many are pissed b/c of atreamlining, and others b/c it's still too difficult. But overall, From managed to give Souks fans a great game and newcomers a chance.

I do believe that there are many areas they could have been more imaginitive...PvP for example. Allow invasions based on insight, or ng+. Allow those who want to go deeper the tools to do so, bit without forcing newer players to do so to win.

DragonKnight1004d ago

I honestly don't think that Bloodborne is streamlined. There's really nothing in it that is "easier" to come to know that wasn't in the rest of the Souls games. Well, ok, it's more streamlined than Demon's Souls but about the same as both Dark Souls games.

Like, you could never know what, say, mercury stone was for in Demon's Souls because finding out about the upgrade system is a chore. But in Dark Souls 1 and 2, and BB, you're flat out told what are upgrade stones. So in that sense, BB is pretty much on par for Soulslike as a whole, but Demon's Souls is still the most difficult to figure out for first timers in my opinion.

Tex1171004d ago

It is a hair more streamlined.

With armor meaning little other than resistences (that are seemingly easy to understand), and with builds being simpler (skill or strength...bloodtine or arcane...and with weapon upgrades being easier...than yeah...its a bit more streamlined.

And in no way is that really a bad thing or take away from the core experience. The core experience being a thoughtful, strategic game, with enviromental storytelling and an understanding of the levels and bossess and completely unforgiving of mistakes.

Kevlar0091004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

One thing I wish Souls had was a 'Hard' Mode that set limits on your strength, so you had to work within a range of power. Like every area boss increased your level cap by 4-5 (whatever your starting level is would be your starting cap until you reach FireLink), you couldn't summon White Phantoms, and blocking had greater penalties if block too many times in a row (like decreased Stamina regen).

Once you beat the game the first time every other run is easy because you know how to game the system, and leveling up is almost always the best option for a hard boss/area. Speedruns are a greater test of skill, since they require a lot of dodging with a low health character.

My first run was difficult because I was underleveled for the first several bosses and never summoned for boss fights. However many bosses can be easily won when you summon the overpowered phantoms. There's some aspect of the game that allows you to go around the original difficulty.

Also in some ways having NG+ limits DS as much as it expands it. If the budget was there adding more to Valley of the Drakes, Lost Izalith, Tomb of the Giants, and Undead Parish would be awesome. However replaying the game again and again allows you to find NPC's and areas you didn't or couldn't get before.

Xer0_SiN1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

you could always impose those handicaps upon yourself? choose not to summon or do a low level run. thats what i do after i play through. it gets pretty intense sometimes, for me atleast.

EDIT: kinda like doing the one mage run on the original final fantasy lol.

DragonKnight1004d ago

I was once gonna do a nothing but fist while naked at SL1 run. Then I realized that I'd have an aneurysm if I did that. Lol.

Master-H1004d ago

This game got so many things right <3