If You Haven't Bought a New Console Yet, These Deals Might Sway You

The PS4 may be winning this round of the console wars, but you can get some really fantastic deals if you opt for an Xbox One. Today you actually have two options to choose from.

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crazychris4124852d ago

MGS 5 PS4 bundle. That is all.

Brotard852d ago

It does look quite beautiful but it might not get a western release. The batman bundle also is quite pretty

Magicite851d ago

PS4 price cut this year is inevitable. I can already get new PS4 for 300euros and Im pretty sure it will be even cheaper these holidays.

chikane852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Soon very Soon i'll have my PS4 finally -_-

MegaRay852d ago

Nah. Ill wait for when Ratchet or persona 5. Hopefully the price will drop by then

Hellsvacancy852d ago

I'm waiting/hoping for a Witcher 3 PS4 bundle, if not i'll have to buy them separate, either way May is the month i'm buying a PS4, regardless

LAWSON72852d ago

Well I can pretty much guarantee you that will not happen,MS got the deal with WB this time.

Hellsvacancy852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Really? oh well, thanks

Guess that means I can buy a PS4 earlier than I planned

Mega24852d ago

If you already own a decent PC, I'd suggest upgrading the GPU for and GTX 900 series, they come with free Witcher 3 voucher.

James Vanderbeek852d ago

get bloodborne. best game this gen. also checkout the order. maybe a rent. great game too.

Hellsvacancy851d ago

Oh I have every intention on getting Bloodborne, massive Souls fan here

traumadisaster852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

I'm waiting for a revision of ps4, hopefully with drakes. I've got everything else covered with 4kpc and x1.

Then I'll get all the good ps4 games from the first 3 years on ebay for $10.

Toiletsteak852d ago

I will most likely be getting a PS4 early next year unless Sony show me something that i would like at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.