The Top 10 Best and Baddest Dragons in Video Games

Dragons are the coolest, and these 10 video game dragons are the cream of the crop.

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Bansai909d ago

Baddest Dragons ... Alduin ... say what? He folded like a garden chair after 1 hit.

Anthotis909d ago

Not to mention, TES dragons are more like Wyverns, anyway.

breakpad909d ago

what ?? no Gregori from Dragons Dogma ??

gangsta_red909d ago


Seriously that was the easiest fight in the whole game. I didn't even do much, my partners did most of the heavy lifting and I just coughed on him and that dragon went down.

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Simco876909d ago

You could argue that Ruby was just as good, since she helped you during battle. The thing about Nall never really saw it coming.

TheTimeDoctor909d ago

I know I didn't. Lunar is an underappreciated series. I would love to see it back

Clogmaster909d ago

Grigori from Dragon's Dogma.

Takes a dump on almost all dragons. He's Smaug's father.

Freeball909d ago

Agreed. That fight with Grigori was awesome.

OpieWinston909d ago

Deathwing isn't on this list? Guess this guy hasn't ever touched an MMO.

Roccetarius909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Galakrond dwarfed Deathwing, and it took all of the aspects to bring him down as well.

saint_seya909d ago

Ancient dragon from dark souls 2, was the hardest of all the bosses, including the final boss...

Exari908d ago

not really, all you have to do is run away when he opens his wings to fly and use his fire breath. it was more cheap than hard, he doesn't have as many moves as for example kalameet (from ds1) which is my favourite dragon

saint_seya906d ago

I ended all 3, demon souls, dark souls 1-2, and ofc i killed the ancient dragon, but kalameet was easier for me.

shay159909d ago

Tyris Flare's Dragon in Golden Axe

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The story is too old to be commented.