Hey Sony, where’s my free DriveClub?

Blogger Wololo goes over the chaotic schedule of DriveClub since it was announced in 2013, and what Sony can do to make it up to PS+ members.

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magiciandude1187d ago

The diced down version is very likely not going to happen, otherwise we would have already seen it by now. Maybe the full version of the game will pop up on the IGC in a year or so...

tinynuggins1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I can't imagine they are in any rush to get the free version out which will cut into their sales. What was promised was more than just a demo so I would imagine it would take a way from converting to a purchase for most. Definitely not Sony/Evolution studios finest hour and it's unfortunate that the game got dinged for it. I hear it's pretty solid.

Randostar1187d ago

You can pick the game up for $20 used if you want it, thats why i did. Dont regret it either.That being said i wish they did release the free version so more people would try it, then more people would buy the game.

_-EDMIX-_1187d ago

Who cares? They might as well do it as it was already promised. Thats not really my fault or any PS gamers fault regarding what they said and what they are not doing.

At this pace, I might as well just get it used as that price is better then the price that will be asked of me for the full version add on.

If they are not going to do it anymore, they better make a really, really good PS Plus freebie, like 4 games or some AAA's etc lol.

I'm actually just ready to just buy it used.

inveni01186d ago

I'm not super big on buying games used, because I like to support good devs. But since they don't want to give what they promised, this will likely eventually be a used purchase for me.

Transistor1187d ago

Actually, there is some talk it might go F2P in general. We should find out soon if it's true or not.

_-EDMIX-_1187d ago sir just saved me from an Amazon purchase.

Outthink_The_Room1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Driveclub will be F2P "as a service".

Most likely, the PS+ Demo will be turned into the free version that you start with, then add content via microtransactions and DLC packs.

Since essentially half the studio is gone, the amount of content that would be added could probably be done by the remaining staff. It's not as if, there are going to be 100 cars released tomorrow or anything. So over time, the amount of content will build up.

The one issue I see happening, is if they try to do the whole "season 1, 2, 3" thing. A "game as a service" needs more content updates than just yearly. Killer Instinct can do the seasons, but a racing game is a little different. I'm thinking Sony will discuss it at E3 and then release the "F2P Driveclub" after the season pass finishes.

Eonjay1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

This article exists because Evolution announced today that the PS+ version is still coming.

Ozmoses1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It's probably more beneficial to buy it on the cheap and download all the free DLC that they've pumped out..

I see that stuff in the new PS4 add-ons all the time.

They always be giving out cars and stuff. So it balances out after awhile if want to get your racing fix.

Iluvtrim1187d ago

Deal with it bro. Sony lied to us all. Drive club will never be free. If u lucky u might get a demo. Lol

shodai1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Let me correct that statement of yours, "Deal with it bro. Sony lied to us all. *DriveClub's Demo* will never arrive"

Because last I checked they promessed a version in which only 1/5th of the cars and tracks would be available for free, and in my world its a demo, dont know about you though claiming the demo promessed is the full game. Gosh, i would love to live in your world, where demos are full games and champaigne is pouring from the heavens and the heavens are pink.

What a wonderful world you live in.

kraenk121186d ago

I guess that's why they just announced its still coming?!

Mega241187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It was a scam to get casuals to buy the system, thinking they would be able to try a slimmed down version for *free*. Pretty disappointing, after that awful launch they had, I'm surprise people kept buying it after the first week. As you say, I also think it's going to be given as a full game for IGC maybe in 6 months or so.

otherZinc1186d ago

Just say it; Sony lied, period.
Sites make excuses all the time for Sony.

I'm waiting on any reputable "big" site to call them out for lying, all the time:
A site should ask Sony:
Where is your 1st 1080p 60fps AAA Exclusive PS4 Game?
Where is the free version of Drive Club you promised before it's Original Launch?
Why is Drive Club not 60fps like you said?
Sony said the PS4 was easy to program for, where's Uncharted 4?
etc...etc...etc...Sony gets a pass all of the time.

ratchet4261186d ago

"Sony said the PS4 was easy to program for, where's Uncharted 4?"

What the hell kinda logic is that? As if "easy to program for" magically creates in-game assets, story, game mechanics, voice work, and everything else that goes into a AAA title.

Hey Zinc, there's only 26 letters in the alphabet. Where's your 450-page New York Times best selling novel?

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NeoGamer2321186d ago

The funny thing about this is that gamers have come full circle and forgiven them for everything on this game.

I find it an insult to gamer's intelligence. DriveClub, Assassin's Creed Unity, BF4, Halo MCC... All shipped in crap condition. All have been fixed now, and because gamers have forgiven all the vendors for these crap day one products, we can expect more the same this coming holiday.

crazychris41241187d ago

They are definitely holding off on it on purpose. PS+ edition is just a demo. Guess they are waiting for coverage of the game to die down a liile more than drop it. Wouldn't surprise me if it drops just before a complete edition (which I want)

Avernus1187d ago

E3 maybe? Some special "gift to the fans" or whatever...

I mean the game is cheap now, if you REALLY wanted it, what's stopping you from spending what, $25?

It's a fun game, and worth the money IMO at least.

freshslicepizza1187d ago

that's what i expect, the full game around e3. by that time sales will be low enough and a huge spike in online users will be good for those who did pay for it

Christopher1187d ago

***what's stopping you from spending what, $25? ***

It was promised as a PS+ game on release. It still isn't. Why spend $25 on something that they can't deliver on as promised.

jukins1187d ago

You're only getting one location and a few cars is it really worth complaining about after all this time. Seriously the game isn $20 or less used at games top buy it there you like it keep,it you don't return it.

I'm actually glad the ps+ version isn't put there's enough rookie racers online as is.

Spotie1187d ago

Spending $25 dollars gets you more than what you spent $50 on.

Christopher1187d ago

***is it really worth complaining about after all this time.***

When someone continues to fail to deliver on a promise, it's always worth reminding them of it. Whether it's so they actually finally deliver or so they don't do it again.

***Spending $25 dollars gets you more than what you spent $50 on.***

How does me buying the game take away from the fact that Sony has failed to deliver on what was promised?

jukins1187d ago

So you want to ignore the server issues they had at launch and potentially bomb the servers with 10s of millions of players. Even playing single player the game is in constant communication with servers uploading and downloading challenges an other info. And even though there's rarely issues they do still happen from time to time. I'm glad evolution is gonna try to make absolutely sure that they can handle the traffic because us people who bought the game deserve a smooth experience before you moochers.

Spotie1187d ago

"How does me buying the game take away from the fact that Sony has failed to deliver on what was promised?"

How many times has a promise turned out to be something that couldn't be fulfilled, for whatever reason? You act like you're entitled to it, when you're not.

Would you like to try taking this petty ass claim to court? The judge would laugh you right back out into the street.

I promise to give you a ride to the store, but my car breaks down. Some months later, when my car is fixed, are you still gonna hold it against me that I didn't give you that ride?

How ridiculous do you sound?

Christopher1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

***How many times has a promise turned out to be something that couldn't be fulfilled, for whatever reason? You act like you're entitled to it, when you're not. ***

When a company says "we're going to give you this" and then doesn't, complaining about not getting it isn't a sign of entitlement. It's a legit complaint.

***Would you like to try taking this petty ass claim to court?***

Who said any such stupid thing? This is a site about gaming on an article about the Driveclub PS+ version, and I'm sharing my opinion. Would you like to go more hyperbolic about the the seriousness of the discussion is at hand or just say you disagree in the future?

***How ridiculous do you sound?***

A hell of a lot less ridiculous than the person who just brought up taking someone to court where it wasn't even mentioned as being that serious of an issue.

***So you want to ignore the server issues they had at launch and potentially bomb the servers with 10s of millions of players.***

It's been 6 months. The servers were fixed in the first few weeks. What excuse are we going to come up with now for not delivering?

magiciandude1187d ago


"I promise to give you a ride to the store, but my car breaks down. Some months later, when my car is fixed, are you still gonna hold it against me that I didn't give you that ride?"

Who in their right mind would do that? And it's not comparable. What's more comparable is sending your laptop to the manufacturer for repair, but they held it captive and then call you the day after the warranty expiry exceeds, and tell you it's going to cost you more to repair it than it is to buy a new one, and you even paid for shipping.

A free ride is a free ride. Even if isn't, nobody pre-paid you gas money for it, so I don't see how this compares when PS4 users are paying for PS+ which is required for the "free" game.

maniacmayhem1187d ago

@Hicken a.k.a Spotie

Oh, my god. You are still making excuses. Sony promised it's users a free version. They DID NOT deliver on it.

Stop trying to defend this! Any other company that would have backed out of a promise you would be all over it shoving it in other people's faces.

This is the reason these big companies can do what they can do because they know their followers will accept it no matter what.

Spotie1186d ago

Sorry, maniac, but no matter how much you follow me around, I'm just not interested in you. I'm flattered, though.

Not making excuses. Not saying they shouldn't or even WON'T come through. I AM saying it's stupid to keep bitching about something that's obviously suffered setbacks like it can just be rolled out with ease. I'm also saying it's stupid to bring up price as some sort of justification.

You paid $50 specifically for the PS+ version of DriveClub? No? If you're so interested in the game that you're STILL waiting on the Plus version, you can get the whole game for cheap, and with the ability to return it if it's not up your alley after all.

I'm not seeing people who are asking this question out of principal. With the POSSIBLE exception of Christopher, I'm seeing a bunch of Nintendo and Xbox fanboys chipping away at what they see as a chink in Sony's armor. Why else would you be here, maniac? Why is Big Game Hunters here? Otherzinc? Tedakin? WellyUK?

What are these people who take EVERY opportunity to bash PlayStation doing lamenting a Plus version of a game they don't want to own on a console they don't care to buy?

Why even waste your own time commenting? You don't give a damn, except that it gives you an outlet for your fanboyism.

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magiciandude1187d ago

It's not that people really wanted to buy it, they just wanted to try it out. Sony promised that, but backed out. The "free" game was supposed to be for PS+ which isn't free, so there is no excuse.

spacedelete1186d ago

because they tried scamming so they aren't getting my money out of principle rather than price. this is what they were hoping for when they delayed it.

gosukyomomma1186d ago

Lol your only spiting yourself though... you rwally are missing out on an amazing game. But oh well i really hope sony release the free version then put a mandatory $60 price after on the full game just to show the cheapskates how stupid they were in waiting for the free versionbi would laugh so harde

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Snookies121187d ago

Eh, I caved and just bought it for $20 new at Gamestop. Not exactly a hard decision for a current gen game priced that low. I've seen it quite often down to $30.

JWiLL5521186d ago

It's a great game. I used a $15 promo and got it for 35 a month or so back.

Definitely worth it, especially with all the added content and not having to deal with launch issues.