Nintendo Market Cap at 24 Billion; Highest in 4 Years

Nintendoom? Not today folks.

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Ck1x1183d ago

Let's see how people try and spin this as negative news!

Magicite1183d ago

Sony stocks also got highest in 4 years, seems Japan is doing well now.

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Griever1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

That mobile game partnership with DeNA has worked wonders for Nintendo just like analysts predicted. Nintendo fans never believed that Nintendo going mobile was the right thing to do....until Nintendo went mobile. The company had almost half the market capitalization prior to the announcement.

If we look at the graph we see that the stock price suddenly spiked in March right when Nintendo announced the partnership. It has been going high ever since. Prior to the announcement a single share was being sold for $14 and now it is being sold for $21.6. It means that people are expecting big sales and profits for Nintendo's mobile games so they are buying the stock quickly and as a result prices continue to rise.

On the side note, Sony's market capitalization is at $35.55 billion and a single share is being sold for $30.7 at the moment.

jmc88881183d ago

No, Japan and the world economy is still in a depression, and it's getting worse.

Stock prices worldwide are in the biggest bubble in HISTORY.

The price of a stock doesn't tell you anything real anymore. It's smoke and mirrors.

Not for Nintendo. Not for Sony. Not for Microsoft.

wonderfulmonkeyman1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Greiver, you're missing one important fact: Nintendo isn't putting out console-quality games on mobile, which is what Nintendo fans wanted them to avoid and, thankfully, Nintendo saw it the same way.
People like Micheal Pachter and some of Nintendo's investors wanted to see older games like Super Mario Bros. on mobile so they could microtransaction you to get Mario to jump higher, but that's not what is happening.

Nintendo has not "gone mobile".
More like they're "dabbling in mobile".
It's an experiment, and not one done by dropping consoles to go third party, which was part of the whole "go mobile" package that a lot of anti-Nintendo gamers were tossing out in comments prior to this.

To the benefit of both Nintendo and consumers, there's a clear separation in Nintendo's plans for mobile and consoles.

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Thepcz1182d ago

this is why nintendo will continue recyling obsolete last gen tech in its hardware- it increases their profit margins. win for them as they laugh all the way to the bank, but gamers lose out because the saving nintendo make using old junk tech isnt passed on to consumers, we get tech past its sell by date and the industry suffers because one of the most innovative companies is using tech nobody wants to develop games for..

Ck1x1182d ago

What's funny about your comment is that even during the GC years Nintendo lost 3rd party market share and it was mostly due to Microsoft pushing money around. PS2 was already selling like crazy so 3rd party companies started to see that when desperate, console makers will shell out cash to receive equal support. This is one area where they haven't been able to break Nintendo into. Nintendo's next console could be twice as powerful as the PS4 and it wouldn't receive the same support as the PS5 or next Xbox.

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DryBoneKoopa851183d ago

How do you figure? Nintendo just announced that sales are 20% higher then last year. Nintendo each year has been making a steady stride of progress each year.

Since 2013 Nintendo has seen sales increase 20% year over year. Also Nintendo has been selling the Wii U as a profit and not a loss since late 2013 or early 2014 can't remember. So yes the Wii U has been adding money slowly but surly over the last few years.

Gamer19821182d ago

Hes right the things not selling well at all its the 3ds and amiibo thats doing the sales. Sure WiiU makes a little profit but unless you get some serious consoles out there fast enough the cost to make games soon enough outweighs the profits from those games and that little bit from the console sales wont make up for that. It's selling worse than the gamecube in terms of sales right now and they abandoned that after 6 years saying that games stopped after 4.

Its starting to look like the wiiu games are dying already I mean you cant count on 1 hand right now the AAA 1st party games in development by nintendo . Last year there was plenty now we got Zelda and thats about it splatoon and mario maker and smaller budget games that will make minimal profit. nintendo look already to be aboning this console.

But Nintendo are the kings of making you rebuy the same console over and over as lets be fair that new 3ds thats just come out? Its just a souped up DS and if the DS was still out there would be no change in the lineup of games right now. Nintendo make new hardware of DS to shaft it consumers and it works like a charm and force you to upgrade the only company better at doing this is Apple.

shaw981183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Nintendo must have had a major boost because of those amiibos. Dang those things are selling like crazy. 3ds is doing fantastic and the wii u is not doing too shabby. I would say Nintendo is in a good position right now. They just need to make sure to continue to make quality games and for their next hardware to be a unique name with a good launch. Here is to another 125 years Nintendo!!!

Gamer19821182d ago

They are selling like crazy however we don't know if the popularity is as high as we see nintendo is purposely shorting the market like they did with the wii to make it look like demand is high I mean otherwise there would be a steady flow of those Marth figures we shouldnt have to wait for a nintendo direct for them to say theres another batch of like 10k coming in 3 months.

Moonman1183d ago

Every Wii U sold is sold at a profit for Nintendo. They are fine. 3DS is hotcakes...

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