7 Days to Die Alpha 12 First Glimpse; Bears, Oh My

Hey Survivalist, Joel Huenink co-owner of the fun pimps has slipped us a cookie crumb of Alpha 12. If you are new to 7 days to die bears have been on the list of potential add-ons since the Kickstarter. I think this is actually more exciting than the elusive mini bike. What are your thoughts about bears before mini bikes?

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Stevefantisy1187d ago

Nice I can't wait for other threats like bears zombies are great but who wants that to be the only thing that eats you.

ROQFrost1187d ago

Gonna have to log in and play again.

JoeIsMad1187d ago

Bears will be awesome if there were a feral and passive version.

Stevefantisy1187d ago

The rumors on the 7dtd forums is that the will be. I sure hope so.

Phar0ahad31187d ago

this is ridiculous.......these are the best devs in the world

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