Star Wars Battlefront Dev Promises No Content Has Been Held Back for DLC; Talks Launch Issues & More

The discussion on Star Wars: Battlefront continues, and Producer Jesper Nielsen doesn’t shy away from echanging feedback and information with the fans, providing some very interesting pieces of information.

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-Foxtrot1068d ago


<Wipes tear from eye>


Oh....they're being serious

Yeah I bet you guys aren't /s

Abriael1068d ago

I'm very willing to give them the benefit of doubt, to be honest.

Christopher1068d ago

Depends on how you interpret it. If they are discussing content that will be DLC now, but have no plans to release it, then they could be considered holding it back now since they are still planning on it later. The only way they can truly make this claim is if all content they discuss now makes it into the game and they begin DLC planning once it's released.

Abriael1068d ago

@Christopher: I interpret is as "nothing we can have ready for launch is being held back and put in a DLC instead."

-Foxtrot1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Why? What possible reason would you give these guys the benefit of the doubt. If they've never done that sort of thing before fine or maybe if they did it once and apologized constantly fair enough but we have them (Darth Vader) and EA (Darth Sidious) behind them.

Or are people going to be blind because it's Battlefront and with the amount of hype behind it they'll think the game will be perfect....blocking out any negativity because they don't want it to be bad.

That leads to hype which turns into the game being "over hyped". Being over hyped leads to expectations being very high. High expectations leads to mass disappointment and disappointment leads to most of us agreeing how the game was a let down with the countless articles stating the same thing shortly after release

Christopher1068d ago

@Abriael: Yeah, this is EA and I just don't buy that. First of all, same day DLC better not be a thing if they're saying this. Second of all, if the first DLC comes after release and it's only a few MB in size... you know that content is on the disc.

Forbidden_Darkness1068d ago

The whole "I know this company in the past has done a whole lot of things wrong, with day one DLC, microtansactions, broken online and etc... But since I love the Star Wars franchise, I'll just pretend this title is immune to that and preorder straight away." mentality is seriously getting annoying.

3-4-51068d ago

The Battle of Jakku(+ 2 multiplayer maps) isn't being cut, it just won't be ready in it's being included 1-2 weeks later for FREE.

* If the DLC is like an normal expansion, where it's basically up to 50% of the content of the original game, I could understand that, but segmented little DLC probably isn't wanted.

Randostar1068d ago

Careful man,saying benefit of doubt when your taking about EA on N4G will get you killed in your sleep.

bouzebbal1067d ago

you cant make DLC without thinking it from the beginning. doesn't make sense. but if pigeons like to think that then go ahead.
it's EA in the making. enough said

aCasualGamer1067d ago


I'm not. Whenever developers openly come out saying they haven't held anything from the game for their DLC plans... it's usually the opposite.

SilentNegotiator1067d ago

Don't be naive. They don't even have space battles in the core game.

HammadTheBeast1067d ago

Did Bungie not say the same thing before Destiny was released?

antz11041067d ago

I'm with Abriel. It's one thing to be cautiously pessimistic but another to be totally negative, which seems to be the general sentiment here.

@Foxtrot it's true Star Wars fans may want to give this game a pass for being what it is. It's also true that EA haters will burn this game at the stake for every shortcoming the company has been known for in the past. That's hardly fair.

Dirtnapstor1067d ago

I too will give DICE the benefit.
Did any armchair commentators actually read the reddit posts. This title implies something other than what the DICE rep said. He never said DLC wasn't being worked on. He simply stated the DLC has nothing to do with the content already prepared for the games release come November.

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Blank1068d ago

Yo Foxtrot I have the same sentiments and feelings about this whole thing myself thanks for putting it put there before I bore people with my own arguments. What realy has me totally skeptic is the whole no one seen gameplay but the preorders are open eff that!

ThePope1068d ago

Let me ask you something; what year did games start costing $60? I'll answer it for you 2005. 2005!!! Adjusted for inflation a game cost under $55. What in the hell would you like developers and publishers to do to make money to stay in business??? Gamers want bigger, badder, better looking games yet don't care how much that costs. Instead we come here and complain that a company that spends years making a game tries to make a profit on it.

I don't know if people are dumb, greedy, or both but these companies have every right to earn a fair profit and on top of that we should support them so they keep making games.

If you want DLC to stop it's easy; let them charge $70-$80 for a game. If you don't want that then let them do what they can to stay in business. Over the past couple years we've lost over a dozen studios to financial woes. Some of those are brought on by them making bad games, others by mismanagement, and yet others are from the need to sell well over 2 million copies of a AAA game to make a profit. With pirating and used game sales (don't even get me started on that) it's damn near impossible. I mean the fact that the wit her will have free DLC makes me nervous. As I want them to make as much money as possible. If they create something they should be able to charge for it. And if you think $60 is the FAIR number for what they created you are blind.

ndrliang11068d ago

Did battlefield 4 have any day 1 dlc? I don't remember. I feel like Doce is honest and open. BF4 may have had a super rough launch, but I remember they even held back dlc to patch it

sergons1068d ago

Lol what, Dice is honest and open? I still remember interview with very "honest" guy from dice Patrick Bach von Dick, before bf4 launch. Especially that part about "perfect" netcode.

OUROSMAG1068d ago

They probably didn't they probably built was it to be the core of the game and that is it. That isn't to say there won't be any DLC but they are working on it as the base game makes the rounds.

UKmilitia1067d ago

anything announced before release and released within the first 3 months of a game in my opinion is held back from the game.

simple as that.

_-EDMIX-_1067d ago

? How do you know though? They could have another team working on that and its sole purpose is for DLC....

Just because it was announced, doesn't mean itw as ever even going to be in the game. It was made to be sold.

At this point I think its clear that all the DLC from games like BF4 was not just going to be in the game day 1....

All DLC is not just content from the main game, thats just unheard of and we don't even have an example of a game ever actually having such a huge amount of maps day 1.

Soooo no, its not as "simple as that" that is very much a subjective opinion that is based on really nothing but a guess.

Well you did say "in my opinion", your entitled to it.

garrettbobbyferguson1067d ago

I agree with this sentiment. It used to be that DLC or Expansions weren't released until a year or more after the game; it truly expanded upon the content that was already offered.

_-EDMIX-_1067d ago

Well because most don't even fully get how DLC gets made. Some times those maps are not even done by the main team but a team hired to do the dlc.

The content made was made to be released after the fact, ie it was never going to be in the game prior to. Thus is not being held back for extra content.

Its sole purpose is to be made to be sold as an extra. How do we know, well how many games do you see launching with 40 maps day 1 for $60?

Not only would that take a long, long time to develop, it would cost a company more money then they would likely even make back from the game.

Mind you, you'll never know if it was that anyway, why waste the time caring? Its not your IP, you don't own the company nor series....

Its like saying (I don't know bro, what if 200 cc was suppose to be in Mario Kart 8)

I'm sorry but you'll never know and you might have to live with that lol.

The game is coming with a lot of content and anything after is just an extra, I'm sorry but its not normal for a game to just launch with like 40 maps lol.

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ArchangelMike1068d ago

Yeah, because we've never heard that one before. The lack of space battles and Galactic Conquest modes says "hi!".

crazychris41241068d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

Conzul1068d ago

This interview scares me more than it assures me.

This dude was so full of PR I don't even.

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