Journey Vinyl Release Panders to Gamers Instead of Audiophiles

Hardcore Gamer: My heart about leaped out of my chest when I awoke to a link from a colleague announcing the vinyl release of the Journey soundtrack. Upon actually clicking the link and seeing the first image in the story, however, my heart immediately sank into my feet. Here's why.

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ValKilmer1186d ago

Very interesting that they are forgoing the sound quality to present it as art. I actually planned to spin this, so this is disappointing to read.

-Foxtrot1186d ago

They could of provided the option I suppose. Do half the run with the printed art and the other with a clear red disc instead.

If I buy vinyls they are usually video game ones.

jambola1186d ago

I get that black is supposed to be better than a picture on it
but how is that pandering to gamers? It has a picture?

rezzah1186d ago

It sucks that the quality is reduced, however the art is still very beautiful.