Modders Makes It Snow on GTA V PC

Modders have made it Snow on Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, making it clear that modding GTA V is indeed possible. How will Rockstar React?

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Agent_hitman1303d ago

Next thing I want to see is the iCenhancer mod for this game.

AudioEppa1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

It's like this, R* can easily start banning fools or they could remember that they made all the money in the world from ps3/4 and x3601 with more people still going to buy from those platforms more often than pc, so why care?

I would think R* knows gta on pc is basically mod hype with people looking at YouTube videos of how others make the game look different/or play like a god and some of the mods are cool when it's not harmful to the other players, but people really over sell it as something important, when it's not to the majority people playing gta, if people start to hack to get ahead online then they have no one to blame but themself if they lose everything or future gta games take longer to show up or never again.

Old_Prodigy1303d ago

A cash cow like GTA, they'd have to be missing some screws to end the franchise because of a few modders. You clearly don't know what you're talking about.

AudioEppa1303d ago

Oh my fault, I was meaning gta on pc, not overall lol.

And I'm sure R* don't care about modders, but if they screw up the online portion of it for people who just wanna play the game as is, then what are R* supposed to do about it?

ONESHOTV21303d ago

dude you are talking out of your ass man try GTA with mods then come back here and we will talk. another thing there are hackers on every thing.

Grap1303d ago

All I read from your comment is bla bla bla....

Perjoss1303d ago

Thanks for the great game R* but we'll take it from here.

hiredhelp1303d ago

Too risky ATM while thoes got it working not been banned updates no doubt will stop frequent mods.
The best thing R* can do is come out say ok we were ok with mods but only SP. Now that be fair enough

SilverClock1303d ago

Couldn't they just ban players who use a modded game online? I wouldn't think it would be difficult to detect. And modders could just keep it to the single player experience.

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