PlayStation Dev: “Wow. Sony is working non stop”

It is well known that “PlayStation <3 Devs” but one particular developer has been very impressed by Sony’s recent worth ethic.

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DonkeyDoner1160d ago

yeah good for you sony, also where the hell is god eater, yakuza and every other japan games localization??

buttcheeks1160d ago

We have be getting alot localization announcements lately but games like yakuza will take time

chrismichaels041160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Sony has been firing on all cylinders. There's a reason why the PS4 is leading in sales worldwide. Sony has a proven track record of quality gaming going back 20 years. Im excited to see what Sony has planned for this years E3, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show events.

MrSec841160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Sony internal studios have all been busy for ages working on PS4 games.

Hopefully this means Guerrilla are getting ready to show off their new IP.
Media Molecule too and so many others.

God Sony's E3 2015 show should be awesome!!!!

Edit: Oh I forget to say Gamescom, TGS and PSX should be awesome.

GT7 could be a 2015 release, as could Horizon, TLG and hopefully R&C still is too.

itBourne1160d ago

I have a shirt with that logo on it ^^
Got tons of complements at the PlayStation Experience, thank you whoever made it!

subtenko1160d ago

Sony's been crushing it!! Playstation, one of the big synonymous names around the world. Those symbols, automatically "Playstation".

VanDamme1159d ago Show
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yewles11160d ago


Buy the others first... seriously, when we have such "groundbreaking records" as, say, Yakuza 2 only selling aroung 40,000 units in NA, it's not always going to fall on manufacturers for once...

majiebeast1160d ago

Gio Corsi from SCEA third party is going to Japan in 2 weeks to discuss Yakuza. You need to have a little patience.

miyamoto1160d ago

Damn I forgot to bug Gio for the PS4 Gundam game and Sword Art On Line Lost Song localization.
I was so complacent because of so many recent announcements like Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Star Ocean V etc.
Must stay vigilant at all times.
Phantasy Star Online 2 Needs to make it stateside too.

ShinMaster1160d ago

I too want Yakuza, but that's on Sega.

caseh1160d ago

Not entirely, Y5 translation is due to a partnership of sorts between both Sega and Sony. :)

Same could happen with Zero, lets hope so anyway!

DarkZane1160d ago

God Eater 2 will probably be announced at E3.

Hoffmann1159d ago

Errr..Yakuza was always announced for summer.

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RiPPn1160d ago Show
Jalva1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

“Wow. Sony is working non stop”

No sh*t they're working non-stop, they're a corporation, they wouldn't survive in such a competitive economy if they were sitting around with their thumbs up their asses.

Transistor1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Microsoft is a corporation and they themselves say they only focus on 2 months of the year, the rest is preseason.

Nintendo is a corporation and they worked as little as possible for third party support and are pretty uncooperative in general.

Sony has done a lot of things right and it's why the other 2 together don't have the sales of the PS4.

It's not as simple as "they're a corporation, they work hard."

XiMasterChief1160d ago

Well they have to work hard. They're a corporation, they need money.

Jalva1160d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo don't have to worry about going under any time soon, Sony on the other hand is still bleeding money, they either have to work hard or not work at all.

Bathyj1160d ago


So youre saying Sony is working the hardest because they need our money and Microsoft and Nintendo are lazy because they dont?

Right, gotcha. Finally I agree with you on something. Only took 64 days.

UltraNova1160d ago


By your logic I'm happy I decided to spent my money on a company who actually cares to work hard enough to earn it.

God your fanboy level is well over 9000!

MasterCornholio1160d ago


Your saying that Sony is working hard while Microsoft and Nintendo are being lazy?

I agree with you. Thats why gamers are choosing the PS4 over the Wii U and the Xbox One. Sony is working nonstop to bringing us a ton of games to play which is what the consumers want.

Sony really deserves a pat on the back for working so hard. I really appreciate it when firms work hard for our dollars.

IrishSt0ner1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

"they only focus on 2 months of the year"

Microsoft holds the vast market share of 700 million PC gamers worldwide, and is bringing DX12 / Windows 10 in July 2015.

But shhht we're talking console wars.

Let's be objective for the sake of sanity.

pyroxxx1160d ago

@YALVA ,.. You have hell freezing over before Sony goes under,.. They have lots of assets and if everything went wrong, they would likely be be bailed out by Japan,..It is just that relevant for them,..

@IrishStoner MS does not hold PC market,.. except for OS ,.. and 3/4 of Windows OS is pirated anyway or it is usually included with a rig,..Usually gamers make their own rigs and so OS is usually pirated anyway

IrishSt0ner1159d ago

0 Agrees and 21 Disagrees for a statement of fact. That's impressive, even for this cesspool.

@pyroxxx - Are you challanged or something.. OS and API is the foundation PC gaming market, hardware is cross compatible, to deny Windows/DX massive market share is to deny reality.

"3/4 of Windows OS is pirated"

Complete fabrication aka made up.

"usually included with a rig"

LOL the manufacturer pays smh.

"gamers make their own rigs and so OS is usually pirated anyway"

Another completely made up fact.

The idiocy here knows no bounds.

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Snookies121160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Uhh, considering Sony have been easily coasting along in terms of hardware sales this generation... No, they wouldn't have to work quite so hard. They could just as easily become complacent in the lead right now. It's good for gamers that they haven't though.

Spotie1160d ago

"Sony on the other hand is still bleeding money"

You don't say?

1160d ago
Spotie1160d ago

Who's getting too far ahead of themselves? All these articles, all the Xbox fanboys predicting the fall of Sony, and you're saying it's ME who's getting ahead of myself?

funkybudda1160d ago


lol, nothing beats cold hard fact.

People need to stop with the Sony is going bankrupt bullshit.

1160d ago
Germany71160d ago

You look so angry everytime you post, lol, take it easy.

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Rimeskeem1160d ago

This doesn't surprise me.

medman1160d ago

I think I need to get my eyes checked....I thought the headline read, "Sony is twerking nonstop". I need to lay down.

DragonKnight1160d ago

Oh man, someone needs to put Kaz Hirai's laughing face on someone who is twerking.

MasterCornholio1160d ago


Shake that booty booty


Shake that booty booty


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