GameSpot E3 2008: Robocalypse Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "When military AI accidently infiltrates a line of high-end kitchen appliances, the world is in serious danger. In Robocalypse, you must gather resources, amass a robot army, and stop the advance of the robots-gone-wrong. We stopped by Tecmo's booth at E3 08 to take a look at a near-final build, and so far things are looking good for this real-time strategy game.

We began with a tutorial that guided us through the process of setting things up and introduced us to some of the units. You begin most levels with a home base already built, and this is where you build the builder robots that will automatically harvest resources, like scrap metal, and repair your buildings when they are damaged. Buildings can only be built on preset build spots, which eliminates strategic building placement and makes sure you don't go wild building an excessive amount of structures. We constructed a barracks-type building by tapping the build spot with the stylus and selecting the building we wanted. Shortly thereafter, we had produced an infantry unit and had a queued up a few more."

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