Destiny's House of Wolves DLC Lets You Reach Light Level 34 (at Least)

Gamespot: "We get a glimpse of each of these things, and it's during that last section that we get a brief look at the character screen, showing a character whose light level is 34."

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CaptainPunch1132d ago

I don't get it, even if the level cap was 40 there is no point of even playing the game at it's current state. There just isn't enough content to keep things exciting and fresh anymore. I would much rather see a story expansion than new strikes and multiplayer maps.

Allsystemgamer1131d ago

There are story missions in HOW

CaptainPunch1131d ago

Like there were in The Dark Below, please.

maybelovehate1131d ago

There will be 3 story missions I believe. Similar to the last DLC. I don't really care about the story though haha. This is my story and I just want epic adventures. Very sad there is no raid but I am hoping the Prison of Elders is fun. I typically love Horde mode type gameplay.

cell9891131d ago

Much rather have strikes then story missions. I like how your vault of glass gear matters again, and weapons are getting a damage increase. I'm excited

kyzer19781131d ago

I agree that the game definitely needs some new content but I'm optimistic that the DLC will have enough to satisfy our appetites for now.

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ArcticWolfUK1131d ago

Level 34 with Vault of Glass Titan armor

XboxDD1131d ago

Not quite like Halo, but fine.