GameSpot E3 2008: Valhalla Knights 2 Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "The original game was just released last year, but Xseed Games has teamed up with Marvelous Entertainment to co-publish Valhalla Knights 2, the sequel to the PSP dungeon-crawler. The impressive character customization is still intact but this time the world is much larger, and the adventure goes much deeper than the previous game as the story is written by the scenario writer from Final Fantasy XII. We met up with Xseeds at E3 to beat up a few monsters in Valhalla Knights 2.

The first game ranged about 40 hours but this time the main storyline can take anywhere from 60 to 80 hours to complete. We were told that in order to complete every side quest and mission of which there are 80, it can take upwards of 135 hours. Quests range from obtaining money and armor to moving the storyline forward and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours to complete."

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