Mortal Kombat X Update 1.03 Rolls Out, Fixes Sign in Problem

NetherRealm Studios has rolled out Mortal Kombat X update 1.03, and it (thankfully!) fixes the the Sony Entertainment Network sign in issue, and is 3.1GB in size.

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ftwrthtx1155d ago

Sounds like the team is on top of the problems

rajman1155d ago

1.03 already on console but only 1.01 on PC with tons of problems

Plagasx1155d ago

Yea, some serious fps performance problems...

Hoffmann1155d ago

If they continue like that, MKX is at least 80 GB big in some months...

NovusTerminus1155d ago

Some of the update size replaces old files, it's not adding all of that to the game file size.

Genova841153d ago

The pc version is riddled with issues. The download size for the installer is currently 83GB after Steam totally botched the pre-load, "download as you play" method they experimented with for this title. I had to stop playing after they patched it day 2 because the 15GB download broke a stage:

Hoping for these other updates soon.

AstroCyborg1155d ago

if only they'd fix the dlc problem

joel_c171155d ago

Was this game published by EA or something?

AstroCyborg1154d ago

no but it has micro & day 1 dlc out the ass its worse than ea

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