Nommons: Calcuquest is a Wii U-exclusive that actually makes the gamepad interesting

The Wii U gamepad has the potential to be a rich resource for new gameplay ideas and experimentation, but too often that isn't how its used. Most of the time, even in Nintendo's most successful Wii U titles like Mario Kart 8, the gamepad is just an overly large controller that offers nothing substantively different from any other controlling device.

Nommons: Calcuquest, an upcoming math-based RPG aimed mainly at younger gamers and coming exclusively to the Wii U, is one of those rare games that actually embraces the wonderful weirdness of the gamepad.

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bouzebbal1124d ago

Affordable Space Adventures is the game that takes most advantage of the gamepad.
we need more of these.

N4g_null1124d ago

It certainly does. I'm sure the indie crowd is working on more.

BudokaiGamer1124d ago

I love the gamepad, and I think it has been used well in the past. It is hard for even Nintendo to figure out what to do with it at times though.

This game looks cute and quite fun! I'm not mathematician or anything, but my favorite subject in school was always math. May pick it up if it turns out pretty good.