The Dark Side of Uncharted Hero Nathan Drake

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: Nathan Drake, the affable star of the Uncharted series and current face of PlayStation, might be the most contradictory character in games.

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ftwrthtx1182d ago

Affable but yet a mass killer


Oh come on. Even Mario is a murderer from a certain perspective.

Bathyj1181d ago

Is this another one of those Nathan Drake is so likeable but he's actually a mass killer articles?

Yeah I think I read that already.

It's a game. It would be pretty dumb (and boring) running around teaching the bad guys how to do a resume and looking for work when they're too old to henchmen.

What about Pacman? He's so mean he kills people that are already DEAD! And does it with a smile on his face.

cpayne931181d ago

Also, the actual amount of enemies you kill in game isn't supposed to be canon from a storyline perspective. It's there for gameplay.

madjedi1181d ago

These people understand the definition of pretend or make believe right, I am starting to think they don't.

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The story is too old to be commented.