Remedy Would Love To Do Alan Wake 2: "Extra Time Made It More Exciting"

Remedy devs claim that they'd love to make Alan Wake 2 a reality, as the extra time they had to come up with ideas make it even more exciting.

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ccgr1187d ago

Shut up and take my money!

mikeslemonade1187d ago

First one was good but after Quantam Break we don't need another one. It was a graphic showcase for the 360, but nothing more.

Alexious1187d ago

Really? It was a great game...Quantum Break still needs to prove the same.

4Sh0w1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

It does seem in the same vein as Quantum Break but I loved the original Alan Wake so a sequel is definitely welcome besides although mechanics are very similar the story lines and Alan Wakes angle of light vs dark plus making written stories coming to life is enough to warrant making both AW & Quantum Break....especially if you release them on a alternating 3 year cycle as they include TV production, meaning 18 months between releases.

Microsoft needs to schedule more games during the Spring/Summer timeframe instead of bunched up in the Fall/Winter.

Automatic791187d ago

Come on Phil a one two combination between Quantum Break and Alan Wake on Xbox One would already lock down a fantastic lineup/portfolio for this generation. When I think/look back on Xbox 360 I remember Alan Wake as one of the hottest games. I would love this combination. Phil I know you reading the threads don't let us down so far you been doing one hell of a job.

Mostafeto1187d ago

Alan Wake was already a tremendous game and if they do a sequeal I am sure it will sell like crazy

Aurenar1187d ago

First one didn't sell so well actually, so maybe Remedy should just go multiplatform and make it for PC/PS4/XB1 if Microsoft doesn't want it.

AngelicIceDiamond1187d ago

Maybe. But I have a feeling MS does want it this time around.

gangsta_red1187d ago

Or maybe they could make it for the Xbox One since they have more of a fanbase on the Xbox platform.

Sevir1187d ago

Alan Wake is a game that fits the PS fanbase more, the game sold half a million units life time on the xb360, and many compared it the heavy rain which went on to sell 3 million units, I think Remedy would do well putting it out on multiple platforms. As they are very much independent.

AngelicIceDiamond1187d ago


So with that logic we shouldn't even have exclusives.

If that's the case then lets put Insomniacs Ratchet And Clank on X1 so they can sell more.

You do remember MS needs a diverse library of games right? Something everybody and their grandmas been complaining about. No, no, no this needs to stay on Xbox since its mainly recognized as a Xbox game.

gangsta_red1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I disagree, I think Alan Wake fits the Xbox fanbase just fine. Remedy has a strong relationship with MS just as Quantic Dream has with Sony, with this new system an Alan Wake 2 would be very much welcomed.

I agree with Angelic, just like some said for Tomb Raider, Alan Wake's fanbase is mostly on Xbox therefore it should not go multiplatform.

_-EDMIX-_1187d ago Show
gangsta_red1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


Wankster-Pink...? How hard did you laugh to yourself when you came up with that?

Isn't it hilarious how every sony fan(boy) wants a Xbox game to desperately come to their Playstation console. I mean they were wishing for Titanfall, Ryse, Deadrising 3, Sunset (all three by the way had many petitions) Gears of War and now Alan Wake.

And I thought a lot of Playstation fans had PC's? So why would they want Alan Wake to come to PS4 when they can just play it on their PC eventually?

It's funny how everyone wants MS to have exclusives but then wants their exclusives whether they be 2nd or 3rd party to come to other platforms to "expand the userbase".

As for the rest of your rant post your trademark "LMAO", no idea what you're saying and it's pretty obvious you didn't catch the very obvious meaning behind why I mentioned Tomb Raider.

vega2751187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

this is what i got from your looooooong winded comment

wouaaa wouaaa wu wu wouaaaaaa. I want to play alan wake 2 wouaa wouaa

especially this part
" hell did it going to PC hurt the XB fanbase? What do you care that the game is going else where after the fact"

It didn't hurt xbox 360 owners. but it sure must have hurt you cause you must not have played it. because it was on a console you don't like.

And since you claim it sold badly cause it was solely on one console. shouldn't THE ORDER, drive club,THE Show,ect have sold millions by now. i mean with the ps4 5x the fanbase the X1 has it should have atleast made the NPD report last week or has it done like many other game have done and just died.

your top selling game this year was bloodborne which is a spin off of dark soul which many have played on all consoles. it wasn't a new IP. it was expected to do well. I would be shocked if it didn't. but it would have sold way more in the short time it as out if it had come to all console like many of the souls games. if we was to go by your logic. I mean would it have hurt the sonyfanboy camp?

like Gangsta_red and many other have said including myself. you complain about MS not having games you like or they don't have any games. yet here you and many are begging for remedy to release the game on the ps4. stop begging for X1 games. I'm tired of seeing petitions from the sony camp who claims X1 has no games they are interested in, if your clearly begging for the game to go multiplat or claiming it would have done better on the ps4 with no proof to prove other wise.

4Sh0w1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Where did you get ypur lifetime Alan Wake xbox360 sales from?...oh you must have the latest NPD insider source?....No, how about from a microsoft official statement?....No, how about good old vgchartz?....or are you just making things up? lol, links or its just BS.

Theres nothing official but IndustryGamers cited a report of high digital sales from the first of its kind digital bundle on X1, which Remedy acknowledged also, putting sales at 1.5mil as of 2011:

4Sh0w1186d ago

🔼🔼🔼I meant first of its kind digital bundle on Xbox 360.

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christocolus1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I hope MS backs them up,would be awesome seeing Alan Wake 2 running on Xbox One hardware.

04STIBluByU1187d ago

Why not on all possible hardware? The more the merrier right? I would love to play this game as I love single players!

christocolus1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I wish my friends who play on only xbox consoles could try out heavy rain, Bayoneta 2 and Beyond two souls but they cant cos some games will always remain exclusive to certain platforms cos exclusives sell consoles. If Alan Wake2 ever comes to any other platform besides Xbox&PC it would be as a result of MS turning the project down and at this point i don't think Phil would do that.

04STIBluByU1187d ago

@ Chris

I don't ever remember Quantic Dream making games for any other console other than PS, but Remedy has made games for more platforms other than MS. Remedy is not owned by MS, therefore they can make it for other platforms. Only recently did Alan Wake sell 4.5 million to date both on PC and XB360. I am not saying MS doesn't have the money or recent relationship with Remedy but SP games sell better on multiple consoles.

Sevir1187d ago

Quantico Dreams made Omikron for PC, Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophesy for Xb/PS2 and recent just remastered the game for PC.

They are independent and can take their work anywhere, they simply partner ed with Sony for Heavy rain, Beyond 2S, and their 2 PS4 projects. Alan Wake was originally a PS3/XB360 and PC games before MS stepped in and funded it

christocolus1187d ago


well said.Thanks. was about to post that.add dreamcast to the list too. they developed omikron and one other title for that platform..

_-EDMIX-_1187d ago

Agreed. Remedy owns the IP.

@Christocolus- Not really, Alan Wake's IP is owned by Remedy and not MS. IT was already brought to PC...

Its not even exclusive.

Heavy Rain by the way is not owned by Sony, its owned by Quanitic Dreams, Beyond Two Soul's IP is owned by Sony.

Who owns the ip is what brings even a glimmer of hope of a game being ported.

" Xbox&PC it would be as a result of MS turning the project down" nope, they don't own the IP...take a gander at who is the publisher of the PC version bud...


ie even if MS did publish the XB version...they don't own the IP thus Remedy would be free to just make it on PC or else where.

and you don't know what Phil would do...

Sev is correct too, the game was originally a multiplatform game to start with anyway. I'm not sure how much of a "XB" game this is considering I've played it and don't own a XB...

Um....PC exist too people. I don't know where everyone is getting this "XB" game junk from. Its Multiplatform, its merely going to MORE platforms if Remedy feels just.

They again own and control the IP, not MS.

vega2751187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


the one thing your right about is MS don't own the IP. but what you and many tend to forget. remedy asked MS to allow them to put it on pc

so if MS would have said no to remedy. you and many other sonyfanboys who played it on pc wouldn't have played it. so thank MS for making it happen or should i say allowing you to play it.

"and you don't know what Phil would do"

It's obvious you don't know either what he will or wouldn't. but he has repeatly he would invest in games. which is a big diffrence from don mattrick.

Phil is for the gamers and if the X1 gamers want it. he will make it happen. he can be reached on twitter answering questions and iI'm pretty sure if X1 owners make a stink for it. he would do it. as I'm sure shu would do for PS4 fans

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Alexious1187d ago

Alan Wake was one of the first DX10 games, it would be great to see what Remedy can do with DX12.

Jedislayer1187d ago

Who do I have to give my wallet to?

Kurisu1187d ago

I'll glady take it. Just make sure those notes are crisp!

dogmanx231187d ago

Alan Wake 2 won't sell on this next gen. Just look at Alan Wake and the #'s it did on the 360 when they were way ahead of Sony.

I would love this game tho. Sad M$ and the fanbase didn't give this game a chance. Great game.

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