Shovel Knight Xbox One Release Date Confirmed - Headed to Japan

The Xbox One version of Shovel Knight will launch next Wednesday, April 29, Yacht Club Games announced.

Yacht Club Games also announced that the game is headed to Japan. The developer recently connected with a publishing partner. This also means that every version of the game will be updated with a Japanese language option when it releases.

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greenmiker909d ago

One of the games that Japanese are jealous but finally they will have it soon.

StrayaKNT909d ago

isnt it out on ps4 over therE?

MasterCornholio909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Yeah I'm pretty sure they will enjoy it on their PlayStation's. But its also nice to hear that it's coming to XB1.

Automatic79909d ago

Going to be a busy week on Xbox One with State of Decay and Shovel Knight on Xbox One. Both day one purchases for me.

XanderZane909d ago

Excellent. I've been dying to play this game on my XB1 with the Battletoads being in the game as well. I will definitely get this when it's released.

yuukiliu909d ago

Hmm, I would have bought it for my 3DS but they got my money from the PSN cross buy instead. Took too long for them to finally get a Japanese publisher for the Japanese eshop.

909d ago