Xbox and HoloLens games now under domain of ex-Lionhead boss

Former Lionhead Studios boss John Needham is now in charge of internal development for several games and experiences on Microsoft's Xbox and HoloLens platforms, a Microsoft spokesperson told Engadget today.

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Godz Kastro1187d ago

Man, I'm trying to forget about this tech. Dying to get my hands on it. Hoping they show something at e3 but I doubt.

4Sh0w1187d ago

I can't wait to see the first game using Hololens....also want to see what the tech can do with everyday real world job related applications.

t-hall7851187d ago

Still don't know about the whole vr/ar thing. a controller and astros are already enough lol. but if the price is right then i'll give it a whirl.

Godz Kastro1187d ago

It would be kind of wicked playing halo and having some crazy overlays on the lens.

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