Let’s Try Out PlayStation Now Beta

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude takes PlayStation Now for a test drive

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RosweeSon1185d ago

So far so good, enjoying it all so far but then it is all free ;) great selection of games tho and seems to be lag free on my end ;)

Smitty20201185d ago

Cool I didn't recieve my beta code. Can't wait till its releases in the UK tho :)

Mr_Writer851185d ago

The performance is really bad, and I'm on 156mb download and around 20mb upload connection.

I hope that improves.

I like the idea, and if the stuttering improves and the price is good I will defo come back. But right now I can't recommend it.

Although I do agree the choice of games on the beta are good.

SoapShoes1185d ago

Hmmm are you in the UK? Why is it so bad? I have 35mb down and 3 mb up and it works absolutely fine. Works great on my vita too.

Mr_Writer851184d ago

Yes I am in the UK.

It's strange as it isn't lag. It's like the game skips frames (rather than slowing down) I don't have this trouble with anything else.

I also get the loosing connection sign from time to time.

SuperRaccoon1185d ago

There's probably something else going on. I made it work with 10mb down, and the performance was solid.

kneon1185d ago

I've never noticed any lag or stuttering

sprinterboy1185d ago

Excellent connection also, just depends on pricing nxt, great so far though.

DaGodKing1185d ago

psN0W is not for me.. Not saying is bad or anything but i like to feel the case and own the game.. but i understand that is there for people who didnt own a ps3.. but why not sell ps2/ps1 games like they did with the ps3?

Mr_Writer851184d ago

They will be adding them in the future.

Probably costs less than porting.