Driveclub’s Ferrari LaFerrari Looks Absolutely Glorious on PS4; All Cars Now Unlocked in DLC Tours

Driveclub's new free car looks awesome, while an undocumented update lets you use all cars featured in any DLC tour event as long as you own it.

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LifeInNZ1067d ago

"Glorious on PS4" as opposed to what?

playstation4epic1067d ago ShowReplies(5)
LifeInNZ1067d ago

You guys missed my meaning. Driveclub is only on PS4 so why state it looks great on PS4.

_-EDMIX-_1067d ago

....because the same car exist on other games. Its rare in gaming you get a genre where its seeking the same graphical style, with the same real life references.

So its a real fair comparison.

Utalkin2me1066d ago

Cause it looks good on the PS4, what so hard to understand? You're trying to make in more then what it is.

ps4fanboy1067d ago

Just because it is glorious doesn't mean it is a comparison, especially when it only exists on ps4 as stated in the sentence....

Femto1067d ago

everyone here seems to be missing the point, the article could've just said it looks great in driveclub, but this isnt anything new.

N4G is plagued with these dumbass articles with "GLORIOUS" "GORGEOUS" "FANTASTIC" "AMAZING" "SPECTACULAR" these websites are just super desperate for for clicks so they put all that stuff in the title to get people to click on it. the car does look good tho. inb4 idiots dislike

Svinya1067d ago

All hail Abriel, the king of clickbait headlines.

JP13691066d ago

Yeah, that's not gameplay of Forza, which looks nothing like that. Having both console I can easily say that Driveclub is the better looking game. Also, your attempt at passing that shit off is pathetic. Have fun lying to yourself to justify your purchase. Maybe you'll be able to afford both consoles soon.

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CalibriSerif1067d ago

the moment i saw glorous, absolutely stunning blah blah, i knew its a dualshocker article.

andibandit1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

you mean "we all knew it was an Abriael article" pretty sure hes working with the following template:

"<Game> looks absolutely <Random positive adjective>, on PS4.;<Random filler here to make it look like he put in effort>."

i3eyond the Circle1067d ago

Glorious on ps4. No sh!%..

What else can we play it on?

_FantasmA_1067d ago

Okama Gamesphere. Duh. Where you been bro?

affrogamer1067d ago

It seems like we'll never get the PS Plus version smfh

pivotplease1066d ago

I think it will come eventually. But it's ridiculous how long it is taking. They could launch it at E3 at this point, but an announcement like that could be embarrassing. Unless the plus version launches with more content as an apology. That would be sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.