Should We Stop With Pre-Release Awards?

OnlySP: The other day it was announced that The Witcher 3 will finally be released in just over a month’s time, and we will all, to the detriment of our real lives, have another fantasy world to lose ourselves in. CD Projekt RED announced the news the game has gone gold (meaning the game is ready to be pressed onto discs and shipped) via the medium of press release, as you do.

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crazychris41241186d ago

I just ignore them. The gameplay and opinions from my friends factor into my decision to buy the game or not.

Naga1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I think people are missing the other side of this:

Pre-Release Awards can also serve to bolster the direct support a developer is getting for a particular project. From a developer's standpoint, getting pre-release recognition could be a critical tool in obtaining much needed resources and confidence from their publisher.

Consider that a publisher who is otherwise skeptical of a developer's intended direction might actually be swayed by a positive reception of the project by the press. If they think it will be well-received, they will be more willing to devote money and other resources toward ensuring it meets its potential.

mikeslemonade1186d ago

Before a game releases I can guess a game's score by a plus or minus 5 meta score.

There's enough previews to see the quality of game.

ArchangelMike1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I think you are spot on. Consider that CDPR has been allowed to delay The Witcher 3 two times. I'm sure the publiser and investors allowed it becasue they saw the consumer good will towards the game in the form of pre-release awards, and resulting inreases in pre-order numbers.

PockyKing1186d ago

I'm OK with most anticipated awards, but they shouldn't really be accounted for in the overall awards count. It's kind of shady. Awards should only be awards once the game is finished.

KiwiViper851186d ago

Does anyone take them seriously anyway?

Pennywise1381186d ago

Yeah I hate it. Especially now that it seems like reviews are not getting released until the day the game gets released. So do I risk missing out on a good preorder bonus to see if the game is worth playing or do I gamble and preorder and maybe get a crap game. Things like goro being free for preorder should just come with the game.

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