GameSpot E3 Video Q&A: Peter Dille on the new PS3 strategy

GameSpot writes: "Though it was the last of the three console-makers' press conferences, Sony's E3 2008 event had a series of major announcements that were more than newsworthy, including the PlayStation 3's long-awaited video store and a new $399 80GB PS3, due in the fall. After attendees from the conference filed out, GameSpot caught up with Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment's senior vice president of marketing, to discuss the revelations.

Several things will differentiate Sony's video store from similar content offered on Xbox Live Marketplace. Mainly, the electronic giants will offer a variety of films and shows for purchase, rather than for mere rental or streaming via Netflix.

'We heard about some of the announcements with Microsoft and Netflix, but the thing with the 360 is that you don't have a hard drive in every unit, so you're only left with the choice of a streaming service. We can offer consumers a choice: Let them download it to own if they want to or just have a VOD [Video on Demand] model for that rental experience.'"

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Dark vader3778d ago

lol its like all the major third party developer are cashing in on microsoft desperation. So basically microsoft payed a good amount of money to have a multiplatform game on their system, while sony automatically gets the without charge. They did the samething with rockstar, giving them 50 mill just for that gta could make and appereance on their console with downloadable content. They probably paid capcom for resident evil and devil may cry.

SickNick853778d ago

it's not's sure

InMyOpinion3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I guess Bioshock, Oblivion and Lost Planet were obvious to make it to the PS3 because it has a smaller install base and worse attach rate? Without Sony paying anything at all for it? The developers just love making games on the PS3 hardware? Now that makes sense lol!

The logical thing to do for any developer would be to release their games on the console they can get the most profit from. Since the 360 has a larger install base and a much higher attach rate, it would be the first choice for profit.

How can you know for sure if they pay or not? Have you been in the same room as MS and Sony when they make their deals?

StephanieBBB3778d ago

Microsoft really knows how to make a can of dogfood look like a golden nugget.

Too bad that Sony has that golden nugget but isn't publicity aggressive enough.

Anyhow the senior vice president of sony really looks like a down to earth guy. =)

Jon86023778d ago

he seemed very cool and the fact that he mentioned microsoft paying alot of money to get these exclusives and getting gta4 dlc didnt and isnt going to help them the way they hoped(so he basically said microsoft is just p!ssing away their money and they arent seeing huge results) I laughed when he brought that up because im sure sony is not 2 happy about microsoft paying for ffxiii. Uhh yeah it really sucks that the new 80 gig isnt backwards compatible and sony isnt doing that anymore(which is a smart thing because they want you to be interested in the ps3 part and not the ps2) but im glad I have my 60 gig.

Silogon3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

This guy sounded like he was kicked in the gut before the interview. Maybe Microsoft held him while Square kicked him.

I also don't know where the hell this guy gets off saying they have 23 exclusives, maybe they do but we haven't seen but maybe 7 of them. Of course he's going to count PSN games to inflate the line up, though.

Motorstorm 1.5
Resistance 2
Little Big planet

are the only 3 games I can think of that are exclusive to the Ps3 on disc.


are PSN games I can see being counted as exclusives.

What else is there?

360degrees3778d ago

to Microsofts fantastic and well established current system....I do like the actual option to purchase rather than just rent

SL1M DADDY3778d ago

They currently have more movies and TV episodes. However, I have seen a movie now on the PSN version of the video service and have to say, that the it is a far better service than what the 360 has to offer. Here is why:

1) Downloaded movies on the go - Being able to put them on the PSP is genius.

2) Movies are in HD or SD but the PS3 upconverts all content - I downloaded a movie in SD for a couple bucks and it looked fantastic on my 47" 1080p HDTV. You could instantly tell that the PS3 was upconverting the movie to the format of my TV.

3) The currency you use - They use money, not points. You don't have to purchase points to purchase content, you just pay with real dollars and cents - Credit card style but it is far from a points system.

4) The PS3 is super quiet and not distracting - Very quiet console and so you don't have the huge fan noise in the background when playing movies. The 360 is far too loud for true movie enjoyment.

5) The option to purchase flicks - This is an awesome feature. Now I can purchase flicks, store them on an HDD and never have to run out and purchase a DVD again just so long as the movie is on the PSN.

6) The HDD space - The PS3 allows for any aftermarket HDD to be installed in the PS3. Therefore, as a serious movie lover, I purchased the biggest HDD I could find to store the movies I do purchase. When I want to watch a flick, I simply turn on my PS3, go to the video section and select the movie I want. I am watching a flick in no time flat and it is mine, not some movie that is locked to my console.

There are more reasons why the PSN Video Store is better but these are my top 6.

Real gamer 4 life3778d ago

Is there really 23 playstation exclusive games this year?

Cyrus3653778d ago

Yes, however like 12-14 of them are PSN Quest for Booty, Socom, etc.

PoSTedUP3778d ago

socom, siren blood curse, and quest for booty are damn good for PSN games. especially socom, socom is my most anticipated game besides motorstorm2. cant wait for socom man. and siren blood curse is a must buy.

SL1M DADDY3778d ago

But as listed above, some are PSN titles but unlike the XBLA, PSN titles are in many ways, full retail games. R&C: Quest for Booty is actually a great example. Great graphics as seen in the retail version of Tools of Destruction but it's a download. Also, SIREN is a episodic game also available on disc in Japan but the game looks as good as any retail game you can purchase for any next gen console (minus the Wii of course). Games Like Warhawk and GT5:P are what the PSN has to offer, full retail games that are downloadable. Not just remakes of oldschool arcade games like Pac-Man or Galaga.

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