Will the House of Wolves DLC Bring Hardcore Players Back to Destiny?

ThisGenGaming says "Another big thing coming from this expansion is the Trials of Osiris competitive multiplayer mode. That name will probably ring a bell if you’ve been following Destiny since launch, as it was a datamined gamemode that was not officially confirmed by Bungie. This is a big deal for the future of Destiny as it gives people a reason to play the, very un-inspiring and un-rewarding, multiplayer in the game"

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jackanderson19851004d ago

If they were hardcore they wouldn't have left no?

pompombrum1004d ago

It's too easy to get burnt out in Destiny though, especially for hardcore players. You'd have to be borderline autistic not to get bored of the constant repetition after so many months.

DevilishSix1004d ago

Not leaving Destiny makes you a hardcore, lol, that is moronic.

Avernus1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Hardcore? I don't know what makes a Hardcore destiny player "hardcore".

I have 11 days, 9 hours played, IDK if that makes a "hardcore" player, but I don't think HoW will make me play Destiny like I used to. I played allot of PvP, of course did raids with friends, but I was more interested in PvP, and that aspect of the game got boring with the lack of game modes.

Trials of Osiris might bring me back, I'll see. The changes to ammo made a big difference in how the gameplay is in PvP. Played a couple times since the update, and it's not a shotgun / fusion rifle spamfest anymore. Heavy ammo doesn't last longer than it should.

I'll see. Witcher 3 will have me busy, but I'll jump on to play ToO a few times.

GearSkiN1004d ago

Hell Nah witcher 3 says hi.

ion6661004d ago

who is this destiny, and does she spit or swallow.

KwietStorm1004d ago

Destiny blows, but she don't swallow. Saving you the trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.