Yandere Simulator: Trivializing Suicide, Sexual Consent

Despite a unique premise, Yandere Simulator deeply sanitizes ongoing problems with harassment, suicide, and sexual exploitation in high school communities.

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Snookies12913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

It's... It's a game... Really bugs me when people get all bent out of shape about fake things going on in a fantasy world. I think it's funny throwing a grenade into a group of people in GTA. Doesn't mean I think it would be funny if I saw it happen in real life...

Nyxus913d ago

Well if you scroll down you can see the piece is written by a 'hardcore feminist gamer', whatever that may be. :P

cleft5913d ago

"Hardcore feminist" is probably code for sexist against men. Calling oneself a hardcore feminist seems redundant, a feminist should just be a feminist. Unfortunately, there are some people trying to push a pro female agenda as oppose to an equal rights agenda. Which just makes them sexist, but they like to hide behind the feminist label.

OT: I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with being offended by gaming content in general. After all plenty of people out there are detractors of GTA for the violence. However, to try and say that a game promotes negative social standards is taking it way to far. To use Snookies example here, that would be like saying GTA promotes people actually going out and committing murder. That is just nonsense.

00913d ago

it's because these people can't separate reality from fiction.

kagon01913d ago

Nah, they're making drama for attention. A controversial topic will get many hits($$$). That is their actual agenda, but they won't tell you directly...

hazelamy913d ago

the writer is wrong to get angry about a game that is built around bullying, harassment and sexually exploiting schoolgirls?

all things that have happened to real girls.

but you're perfectly justified in getting angry at somebody for criticising a game?

oh no, somebody saying bad things about a game, life is ruined.

bit of a double standard there i think.

for the record, i think the writer is taking the game a little too personally, much like the people who attack her for what she wrote.

maybe if i'd been a victim of any of those things i might feel differently, but as it is, i do agree with you about one thing.
it's just a game, the character you play in the games is supposed to be pretty despicable.
but she'd hardly be the worst.
i think Trevor might take that honour.

so while i don't entirely agree with her, i think she's entitled to her view.

dcj0524913d ago

If I can commit mass genocide and that's OK than this game is too.

Spotie913d ago


First and foremost, all those things have happened to real boys, too. What of that? Or does that even exist in your mind? Do men matter at all to you?

Maybe if someone I knew had been murdered, I'd rage against every game, book, and movie where someone is gunned down. Oh, wait. One of my friends was chased down and shot to death by guys trying to rob him. I'm such a bad person for not hating fictional situations! I'm SO heartless!

Or not.

She's entitled to not like the game. But to jump to all these asinine conclusions... not so much. You're entitled to hate men- and it honestly seems like you do. You're not entitled to make grandiose and incorrect assumptions that are little more than sexism.

rainslacker912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

It's not wrong to be offended or dislike the content. It's wrong to imply that it trivializes the things it addresses....addressing being a strong term as I don't think the game itself tries to resolve the issue, or get people to think on the deeper meaning of such issues.

The article was mostly well written, and used a lot of links to back up why the things presented are actual issues, but then goes into hyperbole about why the game using it as mechanics is just a way to trivialize the actual issue.

The hyperbole is wrong, and the author is wrong to use it as such when they could have just left it out and had a much more compelling article. The hyperbole was wrong here, and it was wrong when the same type of hyperbole is used to say that games trivialize or promote violence.

That being said, these issues aren't a gender thing. It has an effect on bother male and female high school students.

OmegaShen913d ago

Sad some people hate on games but if its in a movie, book or song. Its okay.

I plan on trying this game out, plus this game isn't even close to being as Mortal Kombat X (but its fantasy, so is every other game).

allastocata913d ago

The most aggravating thing is when movies go into the same areas they are considered more artful, moving, and hard hitting.

hazelamy913d ago

somebody's not been paying attention, books and movies do get criticised for this kind of thing.

it's just their fanbases are usually mature enough to not take it as a personal insult when somebody criticises the medium.

i'd also love to try the game, when it's a bit more complete.
there's just not enough actual game there yet.
at least it seems that way from the videos i've seen.

OmegaShen913d ago

It seems that way, but there is alot. Going by the devs videos, I wish some games would go as deep as this game with its sneaking and hiddening bodys.

eldingo913d ago

does the author even realize what yandere even means?your playing as an obsessive psychopath that looks normal on the outside so of course there's going to be some seriously sadistic ways to dispatch the competition this game reflects that in the gameplay the author needs to get a grip and some thick skin.

TheCagyDies913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Game is not for the faint of heart. GET OVER IT. Don't play it, tell your feminist buddies not to play it, don't let kids play it.

I will be playing it, every build.

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