PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Call of Duty Game Deals

In the final week of Spring Fever 2015 the PlayStation Store in North America offers PlayStation Plus members 10% off Shovel Knight on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, while also discounting some Call of Duty games.

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InTheZoneAC1154d ago

call of duty sales are typically $0.20 off

you'd think with the sales they get they would be more willing to offer their games at a greatly discounted price much sooner instead of being so damn stingy.

vacoby51154d ago

It seems to be Sony's decision, being that AW has been on sale for 39.99 numerous times since the holidays in different stores, Gamestop, Target, Amazon.. I don't like how psn sales haven't been as good as they once were

InTheZoneAC1154d ago

I can definitely say 3rd party games aren't priced by Sony...

vacoby51154d ago

So you're saying that certain stores can price their games a certain price for a period of time but ps store can not? Just asking.. I know the ps store used to have better sales

ifistbrowni1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

@vacoby5, I could be wrong, that's why I shouldn't respond to you (because I most likely will be some what wrong)...

Target, Walmart, Gamestop, etc pay for their shipment before receiving it. So, if a store thinks they'll need 300 copies of a game, they buy 300 copies to have them shipped to them for launch. Then, months go by and people only buy 150 copies. Now the store has 150 extra copies that no one will buy (but the story has already bought them off the manufacturer), so when they have a sale it's to clear the inventory that they already bought. If they don't sell 150 copies, they lose their original investment.

PSN has infinite supply. So, it's not "on" them to sell the game. They have no original investment, they also likely have no "right" to put the game at an incredible discount without the permission of the developer (indie) or Publisher. I'm sure Sony just sees a share of the digital sale for providing a "platform" to sell on.

When a store like Walmart buys a shipment of games, they own the game and can sell it at whatever price they want. So, if they bought a shipment of games for $30 a piece, they can sell them at $20 and take a $10 loss.. The loss would be on the store, not the Publisher/Developer/Manufactur er.

jc121154d ago

PS+ kinda sucks now. Too bad.

jc121154d ago

im sorry, were your fanboy sensibilities hurt by the truth? Because its the truth, there are few if any noteworthy "deals" on PS+ now. 49.99 for COD:AW? Thats a joke, you can get it for 20 bucks on Amazon. 59.99 for the Evil Within on PS+? Please...

Takwin1153d ago

Ypu said PS+ sucks, which it certainly does not, in my opinion. I don't judge Steam based on the sales it has one week. I judge it based on its library (ridiculously amazing) or how well the service works (near flawless) or the overall value (astounding).

I judge PS+ based on the free games I get every month, which I value at $10-$15 average, which is an amazing value. Add the 10% a few times a year, some flash sales, and it's just gravy.

jc121153d ago

I guess well have agree to disagree. Im not at all interested in the mostly crappy indie games sony offers for "free."

Look at the digital prices for non-indie PS4 games on + - nearly all of them are still 59.99...

Takwin1153d ago

Well we can definitely agree that AAA digital pricing by all 3 console makers is absolutely absurd and portends to a terrifying future. Digital-only consoles might be the end of console gaming for me. It is NOT the same thing as digital only Steam (I have 625 games on there, and have beaten about 100). Between crazy Steam sales twice per year plus two weekly Humble Bundles, the value is just incredibly good.

I do not trust Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo to price digital console games like they are on Amazon, not to mention Best Buy's amazing 20% off all games (and amiibo!), and definitely not near the level of Steam.

KryptoniteTail1154d ago

Terrible sales, especially for Vita recently. Disgusting.

vacoby51154d ago

@ifistbrowni okay, that makes some sense