Are JRPGs Going to Have a Comeback?

Is the JRPG genre going to keep pathetically limping until someone puts it out of its misery? Gamemoir's Nick D. thinks quite the opposite. JRPGs are on the rise, and due for a major comeback.

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thorstein1060d ago

Yes. With the Rumored Ni No Kuni 2, Dragon Quest XI (for consoles), Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fire Emblem if, etc etc.. things are looking up.

WildArmed1060d ago

Don't play with my feelings, we all know Ni No Kuni 2 won't happen :(

freshslicepizza1060d ago

i hope so, they seemed to have been abandoned in recent years and headed to portable devices instead.

kalkano1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I wish. But, I don't see it.

Edit: And, the thumbnail is a big reason why I don't see it.

Edit 2:

"It is a blanket category that covers a huge array of different sub-genres including various dungeon crawlers, monster collection games, turn-based RPGs, SRPGs, among many, many more."

But action-RPGs are the only ones getting any respectable games, for the most part.

kalkano1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

"Final Fantasy XV, conversely, is likely to sell extremely well,"

Define "extremely well". I see it selling 4-5 million copies, which is very low for the series.

NoctisPendragon1060d ago

FF XV will surly sell extremly well in the west , more than any other FF i would like to see.

But we need more ps4s in Japan 1,4 M is not enough even if FF XV sells 0,5 M ps4 like FF XIII did for the ps3 it still won't be enough.
But SE is not crossing its fingers , they are making/publishing a lot of JRPGs for the ps4, it will make the difference .

rainslacker1059d ago

I think you're underestimating the hype for FFXV. It'll likely be the highest selling FF to date unless the reviews suck for it. Even FFXIII sold more then 4-5 million, and many people will go on about how bad it was.

To your comment above all I can say is, JRPG is a broadly defined category. It always has been. Most people that play one type of JRPG also enjoy other types of JRPG's, and because of that, and the number that are coming out, rumored, or already out, then it's fair to say that it's making a comeback. Last gen had some notable ones, but it was mostly the smaller niche type JRPG's.

kalkano1059d ago

13 sold on brand name. The series no longer has that going for it. The brand has been badly damaged. I think you're overestimating the hype.

My point about the JRPGs coming out, was that pretty much all of them with any kind of budget behind them are action-RPGs. There's no variety, and it adds nothing that the industry isn't ALREADY over-saturated with.

rainslacker1057d ago

The brand itself hasn't been damaged. Square's reputation was damaged, but really only among the hardcore who talk about this stuff all the time.

Even when FFXIII was doing poorly(which it wasn't overall), FF13VS was always looked to to be the next true FF.

I don't know if it will live up to that hype, but I do know that a lot of eyes are on that title.

As far as budget, I think you're underestimating the budgets of some of these titles. NiNoKuni and the Tales series for instance have budgets in the 30-40 million range, not including the marketing.

I would say that the majority of traditional turn based(or close to it) JRPG's that are coming out are more along the lines of Neptunia or Atelier, and are certainly less costly to make, but for the most part, people that play one type of JRPG probably also like the AJRPG, and they have always been lumped into one group since the NES days.

Jedislayer1060d ago (Edited 1060d ago )

I'm officially burnt out of the jrpg genre at the moment. I've been into more of western rpg's just because there seems to be more action and content that keeps me intrigued for a while. Even though bloodborne is more of an action rpg. It has the elements to keep me interested in that game for a long time. In my opinion the JRPG is a cookie cutter genre that needs to take a different turn for the better. and I come from jrpg backround from the tales games, final fantasy, secret of mana, etc. And lets not forget about the persona Series. Love those as well.

St0rm_Cr0w1060d ago

Western RPG's give me Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland, Divinity, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Baldurs Gate; basically, my reasons for gaming. I used to worship JRPG's, but that ended when FF13 puked itself onto my screen. The worlds fascination with JRPGs was basically a result of our love affair with FF7/8, but no infatuation lasts forever.

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