Emulators and ROMs – Should they be made legal?

The legality of emulating games has always been a grey area. The law currently states that owning emulators and ROMS is not illegal but contrasting laws and opinions cast uncertainty over what you actually can and can’t do.

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wheresmymonkey1182d ago

They already are legal. Emulators have always been legal. Roms are the grey area, they are legal as long as you own a copy of the original cartridge, cd, whatever.

Dasteru1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

The ROM/ISO has to be ripped from your own copy also. It is never legal to download someone elses rip. Same with the BIOS for the emulator. The emulator itself is legal, but downloaded BIOS files are not.

mikeslemonade1182d ago

No they should not be legal because I need people who actually buy there games so I can get it for free.

deadpoolio3161182d ago

ROMs are NOT legal, even IF you own the game....You are not authorized to make copies of the game period, purchasing the game ONLY gives you the license to use the software not make copies of it...Im not sure where people keep getting this garbage that they're legal if you own the game

Dasteru1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

The U.S constitution gives people the right to make a single copy of any digital software for backup purposes. Although circumventing any copy protection is technically illegal. Cart based games do not have copy protection, so they are legal to make a copy of. For disks it becomes a bit more complicated. (excluding Dreamcast games which also lack copy protection)

rainslacker1181d ago

Copy protection doesn't remove the right to make a backup copy, but when making that copy you have to include the copy protection. I know with the PS1 there was only one burner on the market which could actually write the zero sum sectors, and it was very expensive and had a limited run so was hard to find, and didn't actually work for burning games anyhow.

Anyhow, if you include the copy protection, the liklihood that it would run where it's supposed to is slim depending on the type of protection. That's where mod chips came in.

For emulators, they are legal, and you can rip a copy of a CD(including the protection), but in order to play it legally you would need a modified bios which didn't infringe on the original, which are pretty rare.

Shineon1182d ago

If their old games why not

Eidolon1182d ago

Because some of the old games are still being sold digitally.

Eidolon1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

PS Classics and Wii VC. And besides, Emulators are legal and anyone who knows about emulation or really wants to play an old game can get their hands on a copy of an emulator and ROM, it's not hard and cops won't come bursting through your door. There is no profit in its legalization unless the companies opt to sell their own emulation software and ROMS.. it's entirely up to them.

Should non-proprietary/third-party emulators/roms be legal? Sure, why not, I'd love it to, but not if I was one of these companies.

LAWSON721182d ago

They are fine the way they are, they dont need promoted by a law nor do they really need some enforced laws to forbid them.


Legal or not my psp says thank you lol.

Agent_00_Revan1182d ago

My PSP was amazing with emulators. Even my Droid and Samsung Galaxy S4 are perfect with the Sixaxis app and a controller.

PlayableGamez1182d ago

I don't see anything wrong with emulator and roms. It doesn't hurt corporations.

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