Atlus to Show off a PlayStation 4 RPG at E3 2015?

The Atlus exhibitor page on the official E3 2015 website potentially hints at what they will have to show at the June 2015 video game trade show.

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MasterCornholio948d ago

I'm guessing Persona.


But then again that seems more appropriate for TGS.

Kal-V3948d ago

Remember, while the game was actually announced in Japan and they said that a western version is coming, they never really officially started the western advertising campaign. So this will basically be the official western announcement of Persona 5.

MasterCornholio948d ago

OK that makes sense. Maybe a trailer but I'm guessing the gameplay demo is reserved for TGS.

styferion948d ago

if they're targeting holiday 2015 release window announcing any news of it only at TGS seems to be cutting it close though, my bet is we're gonna see a new trailer and release date at e3 and further info at TGS.

GetSomeLoGiK948d ago

It definitely will be Persona 5. I can't wait to see more on it.

Kurisu948d ago

I think now is the time for me to get back in to Persona 3 Portable. I got about half way through but I've neglected it for months. Really want to complete that and then buy / complete Persona 4 Golden before 5 comes out.

TheGamez100948d ago

same here but already beat p4g, dunno why i cant finish p3p tho, will one day

Relientk77948d ago

I hope it's more than only Persona 5 but its probably just that

NukaCola948d ago

Ni No Kuni sequel for PS4 please

DemonChicken948d ago

This is Level 5, it was already hinted that Level-5 PS4 Exclusive is this

Kal-V3948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

U.S. release date please!

Blank948d ago

I am pumped for announcements by Atlus! Anything Persona related would put a smile on face and a sun in my day!

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